A new age retro hippie in a red dress told Jing and me that our souls have tentacles!

“A red silk dress with white birds on” even, but that didn’t fit in the subject line…

Yeah, that’s Thomas DiLeva for you, a Swedish singer. He’s a phenomenon, and I’ll do my best to explain how it was to see him in a concert held in Dalhalla, an old chalk mine rebuilt into an open air arena.

One can’t claim that he’s got that a good singing voice, and his texts are as good as impossible to follow. You have to see him to get him, I say.
But he’s so cute, like a puppy. And well… it’s not everyday a national celebrity stands on a scene telling the audience that “You can’t fool me… you look like humans, but I know that you’re all gods and goddesses. Just disguised.” And he’s able to make it sound sincere too. :slight_smile:
Then he presented his band as people from other galaxies.
“And me and my friends here never talk. We did that when we were fourteen and played football. Now we don’t need to talk anymore, we can be silent…” (it takes a lot to keep 3000 people silent I tell you, but right then we in the audience actually were) “… in silence. And that’s…” still silence “… that’s when we better start talking again, or else our wings will grow and we’ll disappear into the sky.”

He also kept drinking from a white watering can. In the end he held it up, after not saying anything about it for the whole concert, and said:
“Look. Soon this will be as famous as I am.”

Then there was the time when somebody in the audience shouted “Come on!” upon which DiLeva commented:
“Come on? I’m already here, ain’t I? I come all the time… I don’t do anything else.”
Rrright ^^;;

To conclude the concert, he said:
“And now I’ll sing a song that hasn’t been released yet. You know, when you give birth to a song, you don’t want to let it go into the world until you know that it’s strong enough. Just like a mother and child. But… you all look so nice and cuddly, so I’ll let you be the nannys of this song. It’s called “Rainbow”, and we’re all different because… the rainbow is beautiful.”

Oh, and for the tentacle thing, it went like this:
“If we’re silent, our souls will reach out their tentacles through the universe, for every other sister and brother out there…”

Apart from DiLeva, there was also a laser show. Now I know how it feels to look up and see a net of light above your head chuckles

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Someone has been watching too much Hentai.

I read this twice and I have absolutely no idea what any of this means. My comprehension status is at zero. I am not cleared for takeoff. My head is exploding.

Oi. I said it once, and I’ll say it again: You Swedes are wierd. But stay that way, k?

That’s quite alright zepp, one is not meant to understand DiLeva. So don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

And Star: You betcha!

…And I was thinking the Royal Family was something to watch out for, sheesh… They steal our tabloids! And the president is green with envy :stuck_out_tongue:

Crazy… I’m glad not all Swedes are psychos.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
Crazy… I’m glad not all Swedes are psychos.

And what evience are you basing this statement off of?

And finally, now I know what my swedish heritage contributes to my personality! The abso-friggin-lutely loonyness!

First they mistake minks for submarines. Now they say souls have tentacles. It’s official: Sweden is too crazy. They’ll soon die out due to their lack of mental soundness.

DiLeva is cool. =)

I so wanna go to one of his concerts now.

I think I’ll pass on that.

Urk: He’s gonna be releasing some CDs in English soon, so keep your eyes open for a guy who looks like Jesus with a fro ^^;; In silk dresses in various colors.

It all ended with the entire audience singing “we only have each other” over and over again.

The laser was AWESOME!!! Especially through sprinkling water! Unreal…

Oh, and Di Leva threw his thank-you- bouquet into the water (the stage is almost completely surrounded by water), and some girl dove in and fetched it. Freezing!

Thanks for the info Weiila.

<a href=“http://dileva.nu/bilder/index.asp” target=“blank”>Take a look at him!</a>

There’s really no other way to explain…

I’m confused by the use of “in a dress” and “he” in the same paragraph referring to the same subject. Does (s)he think that (s)he is the next Michael Jackson or something?

It’s a guy, in dress-toga-things. And… nope, I don’t think Michael Jackson is the closest resemblance… this dude talks about hugs in space and rainbows.

Okay, all hope for Sweden is gone. gets out a magnum There’s enough bullets for all of us.

I looked for some texts, here’s one in English. If you find rhymes I congratulate you… you REALLY need to hear him sing it to get the full picture though ^^;;

Coming from the fire. Kissing like a liar. Even hell is made of love.

Flower let me help you, I will be your dragon. Even hell is made of love. Even hell is made of love. So c´mon!

You know I believe in all the things you say to me. A-ha, a-ha. So please make me warm and ready like an appletree in love, that walks away and gives away its fruit to anyone who needs it. Anyone…Anyone.

Crying for the power. Burning every tower. Come ride my locomotion towards this Armageddon with hope.

Even hell is made of love
Even hell is made of love
Even hell is made of love
So c´mon!

I will meet spring with a screaming dance (x4)

Even hell is made of love, yeah, I´m standing here in the fire. It´s coming. It´s coming.

Even hell is made of love, yeah, I´m standing here in the fire. It´s coming. It´s coming.