A multitude of problems

I’m having some problems with RPGC stuff.

First off, I can’t log into the chat room using the mIRC client, I’ve checked to make sure that the server and port I’m connecting to are correct.

Second I can’t access my e-mail, I may have set it up incorrectly so I need help with that.

ANd I can’t log into the database update hub. Were none of the user names added to it or am I supposed to use the other login name?

Also this is non RPGC related, but the black border on the left side of my screen seems to be creeping towards the middle? How do I fix that or do you guys know anything about it?

Any help is appreciated.

country, could you email me your site-related issues? I’ll help you with those via e-mail. As for the chat thing, I suggest posting in the chat board or using the java client to ask people for help.

Have you tried edtheserver.yi.org AND whitewinged-angel.com?

Whitewinged is down as far as I know but I might be wrong, studio64.yi.org is what I use and it works fine, connects me to the new server. Oh the new server is eryxma.dorksnet.org