A most strange weapon: The G(ay)-Bomb


May be real, or may be not, but worth a laugh.

Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a “distasteful but completely non-lethal” blow to morale, the proposal says.

Ugh. Fucking bigots.

They did say that the project dated back to 1994. But I agree. That’s probably the second most absurdly homophobic government policy I’ve heard come out of the US gov’t to date. I think you can all guess what the first one is.

Aren’t they afraid this might boost morale, rather than drop it?

LOL, Nulani very good point. As for it being a demoralizer well we all know the military in America is still homophobic. I’m just surprised the Sunshine Project gets ANY information about Pentagon war projects or ideas. Perhaps it only gets information about projects the Pentagon won’t consider while the rest are classified.

What the hell?

Yeah, I linked to this in the chat a couple days ago. Sex bomb has a whole new meaning :stuck_out_tongue: (OR DOES IT?).

All a weapon like that would be is a big splash of Estrogen and then BAM! You’ll start humping the nearest thing.

Mmmm … estrogen.

Don’t you mean testesteron?

My mate showed me this article the other day. And I’ll tell you guys what I told him.

“What the fuck!? That has to be the wierdest thing I’ve ever heard of!”

Yeah, I read about this on Reuters.

But is it more devastating than…


Yep, saw it on the news yesterday. With that was a report of a bomb that would make terrorists’ breath so bad they could never blend in with a crowd. Seriously.

Heh. That is just really, really stupid.
But what would you expect from the US government? :stuck_out_tongue:

They have GOT to be kidding… -.-;

Why? It’s better than killing thousands of people, no? MAKE LOVE NOT WAR <.<;; I mean, just imagine the “battlefield”…

I’d imagine the women would be more squeeing over the yaoi-ness.

But is it more devastating than…


Or an army of these? It’s primarily used on n00bs, but, seeing as it came from one (to this forum) we can exlude that, right?

But watch this, first thing they finish it, Bush’s going to accidentally have one dropped on the White House. :smiley: