A most excellent purchase on my part.

Yesterday I bought the entire box set of Hellsing. And there was much rejoicing. It’s good to be home, even if it is only for a couple of weeks, mostly because I get to buy a bunch of anime :slight_smile:

Meh. Pick up some slayers, maybe some Elfen Lied, and then I’ll care.

Slayers is already on the list, my friend, as is the second box set of Rirouni Kenshin and quite possibly Cowboy Bebop.

But no Elfen Lied?

Get elfen lied.

Truthfully, i’ve never even heard of it. How would you describe its “mood”? Serious, funny, dark, sad, for example.

Everything. I made a thread a while ago. See if you can find it.

You didn’t pay an exorbitant amount of cash for Hellsing, did you? It’s very good, but it’s sure not worth the retail price for the individual volumes or the boxset. The individual volumes are now rereleased as Pioneer signature with somewhat reduced prices.

Go Kenshin and Bebop! Cowboy Bebop is actually being rereleased in “Remix” volumes this fall, which are supposed to be remastered or something along those lines. It may affect the prices of the original release, or you could go for the new version. I also heard that Kenshin was going to be rereleased in “economy” boxsets, if you want to check that out as well.

Here’s that Elfen Lied thread.


Well, I paid about $125 for it, which I don’t consider too much. I’ve already seen it years ago, and I absolutely love it. I started buying the Kenshin boxsets about a year and a half ago. Each one is 1/3 of the series, and unfortunately I have the first third and the last third. I have absolutely no idea what happened in the middle, and it’s driving me crazy! My buddy has the whole Bebop series over in Iraq, and i’ve already watched it, and would simply like my own copies. I’ll be sure to check out that thread on Elfen Lied.

Edit: Ok, checked the thread, i’ll probably end up checking it out. I tend to like longer series’ though, and only 13 episodes…I don’t know. We’ll see though.

Hellsings only 13 episodes…

125? Holy crap, you got hosed big time.

$125?!?!? WOW. Hm. Ookay.

Varan, did you buy the Kenshin premium boxes? I just think those are pretty nifty looking. :smiley: Also, the Kyoto arc is the best part of the TV series - I can’t believe you’ve managed to skip that part, but I’m pleased that you’re going back for it!

I’m looking into getting Bebop sometime, but I feel like I’ve been spending too much on the anime lately. I just bought Excel Saga (My Bat Seeker will crack up on reading that), I finished buying the Eva Platinum series (and a thinpak collection is coming out in December for less, dammit)… seemingly disposable income, a lack or monthly bills, and ebay are a bad combination for me.

Well, I really don’t think of 125 as getting “hosed” so much, but that’s probably because I really just don’t worry about cost. If it’s something I enjoy, it’s worth it.

Yep, the premium boxes indeed. I had to trash them when I deployed though, no room for them, sadly enough. They are very very cool though. I definitely like Bebop, and can’t wait to purchase it. I’d love to buy some Eva, but i’ll probably wait until i’m back from Iraq for good.

Aww, man… and I love those nifty-cool boxes, too. =(

For Eva, definitely get the Platinum release. I’m not sure when you’re returning (when are you returning for good, anyway?), but you could get the thinpak collection I mentioned earlier for $90 or less. I’m not sure what exactly will be included with that (like the booklets and all that crud), but the Platinum release is just lovely.

I should be redeploying back to the states sometime in January, or so they say.

Is that Platinum set the whole series? If so, wow, that’s friggin’ cheap!

Listen to me-
Go to best buy- that 90 dollar box set will run you as low as 57 dollars

If you can shop online, go to www.overstock.com or www.deepdiscountdvd.com or www.bestprices.com www.rightstuf.com has weekly specials and you can get box sets for dirt cheap there.

Where did you go? Suncoast? Sam Goody? Never go there. Ever.

Yeah, I went to Sam Goody. I usually go to Best Buy, but it meant driving farther, and when you have 12G’s in the bank, you just don’t care. However, from now on i’m going to go back to Best Buy.