A minor problem.

Nothing to worry about, I’m sure. Just curious.
This evening at dinner, my mom mentioned my eye being red. Confused, I went to the nearest mirror in my house and noticed a slight red discoloration on the inside part of my right eye, closer to the nose. I’m guessing it’s just a burst blood vessel, but just these past few hours I’ve noticed my eyes becoming very easily dried. The discoloration is only in my right eye, and it’s just barely noticeable unless you’re looking closely, then it’s very noticeable… I’m guessing the dryness is coming from just being awake so long.
Yes, I have tried using artificial tears to keep my eyes moist, but they just dry back up.
My questions are this:
What are some causes of such redness on the eye itself?
What are some causes of dryness in the eyes?

Lay off the pot. :hahaha;

Gila… shit. I opened the main forum and saw that you posted.
My immediate thought was “man… if he mentions pot…” then i saw your post. So I forgot what I was gonna do :frowning:

Do you wear contacts? I do, and if I wear them too long sometimes they do the same thign to my eyes.

I haven’t worn them in well over a week =\

Have you been exposed to something that you ordinarily don’t come in contact with?

Not really, just the same old me just sitting here at the computer.
…my hair gets into my eyes quite a bit when I’m playing guitar, and that happens all the time; however, I didn’t change my shampoo or anything like that recently, so I doubt that’s the problem.

allergies. or its just really dry wherever you are.

If it doesn’t bet better soon, I’d see a doctor. Chrnonic dry eye can be treated with prescription eye drops.

You might have an eye infection. If it doesn’t stop in a couple days, see a MD.

I had a friend who cracked his skull when he fell off his bike. For, like, the next 6 months one of the vessels in his left eye was burst. It kinda freaked me out.
If you’re concerned enough, maybe trying checking WebMD for information. That’s a pretty good medical database.

Lol, I did something kinda like that only it was with Football, the entire left side of my left eye was like, black :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t worry about it Steve, that sounds like it’s happened to me a few times before. If it really bugs you after a couple days, just go get it checked out.

Medline is also a great place to search for medical information.

pics plz

The main reason that sitting at a computer or reading is supposed to hurt your eyesight is that people get into “stare mode” where they go long periods of time without blinking. This causes your eyes to dry out and eventually harms them. I always make a conscious effort to blink whenever I’m sitting at the computer. I don’t get the red spots and my eyesight has stayed consistent even though I have to sit at a computer a whole hell of a lot. Your problem could be more serious, but I’m guessing this may be at least part of the cause. So BLINK a LOT.

Nah hypharse, it happens early in the morning due to my going from my eyes being shut for a huge amount of time to being open occasionally. At night, I just get tired and forget to blink I guess.

Also, the redness is clearing up. Just like I said, it was probably just a burst blood vessel.

Uh, if they turn yellow, see a doctor immediatly. That’s all I have to say.

I’m lucky that I don’t have this problem. I have the strange habit of batting my eyes for no appent reason. It drives my parents nuts sometimes.

Slice up an onion…your eyes will get wet REAL fast.

I get bloodshot eyes around 1 AM, when I go to bed. Of course, I get up at 10 AM, so THAT’S all right.