A message to my online friends

As you might know if you check my latest thread in the Technical Help forum, my computer has lost the ability to connect to the internet, apparently due to a REALLY bad Trojan. I’m doing what I can to fix it but my resources are pretty limited; it might be anything from days to weeks before I can access the Net regularly again (I’m typing this from a friend’s house.)

Anyway I just wanted to let those RPGC members I speak with frequently on AIM (Omega, Glenton and Valkyrie) and the rest of my friends on this board know why I was not online this weekend. They know I’m epileptic and I don’t want them to worry about my health. I’m OK, if really pissed. -_ - Don’t worry, I WILL be back, one way or another- but for now I might be limited to just posting on the boards once a week or so.

See you later, all. I miss you already. Be well.


¿Did you press F12, F11, F10, F9, F8, F7, F6, …during the start-up of your computer? You might have a recovery mode where you can reformat your system.

Get Malwarebytes, SmitfraudFix, HiJackThis (be careful with that one), and an updated AntiVirus (pref. AVG) installed on a flash drive at your friends and try running that and see what happens. My computer got slammed hardcore a few months ago by some bad shit and it fixed it right up after Blamming the hell out of it with everything combined. Best of luck.

What Kagato said, except use Avast. I found trojans that weren’t found by AVG. I used to swear by them, but then I realized just how damned useless they were. <_<

How are you all managing to get viruses? I haven’t had a virus since I shared a computer with the family, which was maybe 8 years ago (so it was probably them who caused it). I don’t have any virus software and I use Internet Explorer on my computers. I almost want to believe that virus software itself installs viruses so people keep upgrading and wasting money.

Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever had a virus, really. i’ve been running Linux for a while now, so that’s kinda cheating, but still.

(still posting from someone else’s PC):

I HAVE Avast, and Malwarebytes was the first program I downloaded to deal with this. I also used TrojanHunter and UnHackMe. Nothing worked. :frowning: I’m still willing to try other programs if you think it’ll help.

Though frankly I’m thinking of just reformatting the whole thing anyway, saving only my document files. I’d been thinking of doing that for a while now, since my PC is so blasted slow (in normal mode) probably due to 8 years of accumulated crap.

How are you all managing to get viruses?

Is that a serious question?
:hint: Porn :hahaha;

Protect yourself, then. Use well known tube sites that check for viruses in the videos submitted to them. Myfreepaysite is also virus free, and doesn’t require a credit card. I hope that helps.

I think that was a joke.

So I guess you couldn’t get rid of all of them then…sucks to hear that.
Yeah, reformatting is sorta the last resort but it’s the only surefire way of getting rid of viruses and the like. But that is likely the thing to do then.

Also, find better porn sites. Seriously.

Spankwire you’re welcome

I feel like I don’t need to highlight them to tell what the spoilers are.

Mine wasn’t porn.

But as far as pr0nz goes, when I need a good fap I hit up the chans.

I bet you were the guy questioning whether or not the viruses seriously came from porn.

edit: Okay, so you were arguing a position, instead of asking the question. I was pretty close.

Hey guys!

In the classic words of Mario:

I’M A-BACK!!! :biggrin:

It did indeed took a full reformating, but my PC is working again!!! Well, it’s still a little buggy, the sound card isn’t working for example, but nothing critical. More importantly I CAN SURF THE INTERNET AGAIN!!! :victoly:

*Whew, that was close. Seriously, for a while there the possibility of my losing not just Net access but my whole computer- which is what I use to earn a living, among other things- was VERY real, and I currently have NO money to buy even a small laptop. But thanks to the efforts of several people- starting with my friend Angel Almodovar, who first tried to help me out, to my best friend’s daughter’s boyfriend, Frank, hacker extraordinaire, my old box is back to a semblance of functioning. In fact I want to take the opportunity to thank the whole Almodovar family, who not only gave me their support during this trying time but even gifted me with a freakin’ new monitor screen for the computer on my 44th Birthday (that’s TODAY! :wink: ) I also want to thank all the folk here who also aided or gave moral support to me as well. THANKS EVERYBODY! :moogle:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have about two weeks of web surfing to catch up to. ZOOM ZOOM! :runaway:

PS: The virus apparently was hidden in one of my music files. What kind of world is this where you can’t safely download illegal music files? That’s it, from now I’m watching music videos strictly on Youtube. :noway:

Grooveshark + Free Music Zilla.

Not TECHNICALLY illegal…

Speaking of technical difficulties I too have a computer that has been acting very odd lately.

It seems that it only operates normally for about 5 minutes before the computer stops responding to my actions. When it stops everything down to the clock stops entirely but my mouse pointer still functions normally and can even highlight things on the desktop and stuff but when I click on something at that point the computer enters into an endless loading cycle and needs to be hard reset. Once it is hard reset I can get another 5 minutes or so of normal operation before I have to hard reset again. I don’t get a blue screen of death or anything and all the local experts are baffled at this.

I’m willing to go full wipe on my computer but that would take time and I’m kinda hoping to get this resolved in time to free portal.

Also it should be noted that I don’t make a habit out of visiting Porn sites, however, I will admit that I recently developed a bad habit of visiting scanilation sites for my lickity split manga perusal wants.

Edit: I forgot about 4Chan which when you think about it can be considered a Porn site.

You can make a steam account and add Portal to it in under 5 minutes. Then wipe your pc clean.

Sweet. That saves me a headache.

Of course I’ve still got to figure out how to transfer all those Telltale games to the computer I’m currently using without loosing a critical piece in the process.