A message FOR ALL:Izlude

Back off. There’s a difference between being irritated about someone making a few threads you might not like and just bashing this person when the oppurtunity arises when that person makes a thread you may or may not like. I’ve been noticing more hostility than I like to see around the boards as of late and I’m not going to point any fingers, but if I have to, I won’t hesitate to flex my administrative muscles and we all know I mean what I say. If you have an issue with another poster(s), you can come to us the administative staff, or you can civily bring it up in posts or pms if you prefer to keep your qualms private. Flaming and harassment is not an acceptable means of getting your point through and its not because we don’t notice a few posts that it is acceptable to do certain things. Good night.


  1. I may be making a hasty generalization, but I think many will agree with me: a lot of people take advantage of the opportunity to flame someone because they believe the person is not well liked. You people know who you are. Cut the fucking crap.

  2. No one forces you to post in a thread. Hell, you don’t even have to read all the threads if you don’t want to, because most of you guys aren’t even moderators. But, for absolutely sure, not a SINGLE ONE OF YOU is FORCED to make a post. Learn some manners before you post. No one is exempt from the rules.

yes these are both valid arguments, and they apply to all of you even if Izlude may be the most likely specific target at this time.