A map! A map! My kingdom for a map!

… of Maranda, FF6. I need to study it for a fanfic, but all I’ve found is overworld/Vector/Jidoor/Narshe/South Figaro :stuck_out_tongue: Help bitte?

I have one, but unfortunately I lack a scanner. ;_; I can probably send you a savestate if I look hard, though. Is that good enough?

Yes, that could work, Cid. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: But if you can’t find any save state don’t sweat it, I could get off my lazy behind and replay the game again… mm, procrastination!

OK, sent. This is the one from the World of Balance, by the way. I can get you one from WOR as well.

Wohoo, thanks a lot :slight_smile: World of Balance will do nicely, the fic is an AU in with WoR never happened. For better or worse though… Gestahl is the emperor of the entire world and the Returners have little choice but duck and cover in Figaro castle since the underground is the last safe place ^^;;