A manga thread

I’ve just started reading Manga, and have only read two series.


Seven of Seven

Both are okay, but Planets, which is a hard Sci-Fi story is the best. Seven gets slap stick, and a little adult for thirteen year old, at least in the Manga series.

Planets is well worth the ten bucks I have spent on it, and I intend to collect the whole series.

Anyway, has anyone read any good manga? I dont like sex in mine, but Im open to listening to others express their interests.

I like Digi Charot, .Hack//, Cardcaptors, and Tenchi Muyo. I’m also making three mangas, which are Peachie NU Puff, Fruity Colors, and //:Mech-Tech://.

[/li][li]Kare Kano
[/li][li]Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch

Angel Sanctuary after the first three volumes
Battle Angel Alita (NOT Last Orders. IMO the end of Angels Ascension was amazing and they should have kept it).
Eyeshield 21 (Himura, I say no more ^^)
Zombie Powder
Full Metal Alchemist
666 Satan.
Hikaru no Go

GTO Vol. 1-5
Jing: King of Bandits 1

I want to get either Get Backers or Initial D next. And I used to have Love Hina, but I sold it.

I just finished up Demon Diary, that one’s worth at least a read at the store. It’s not bad.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

That’s about it.I defenitly have get Kenshin,and maybe Suikoden 3.

It really depends on what sort of genres you are into. My personal favourite at the moment is Basara.

It’s a post-apochalyptic look at Japan, where the country in ruled by Emperor Ukon and split into four provinces ruled by his sons. In a small village a set of twins are born, and the local prophet says that this is the child of destiny who will free them from oppression. The village being a bit sexist, assume this means the boy twin, Tatara, and not the girl twin, Sarasa. However, when the ruler of their province hears of this, he has Tatara killed. Sarasa takes his identity, and pretends that it was herself who the king had killed by mistake. It’s got a solid plot, with characters you love, and characters you hate. Heck, one of my favourite parts about it is that there are times when you love the characters you hate, and hate the characters you love. The characters are real in the sense that they all have both virtues and flaws. There have been 6 volumes translated so far out of twenty-something. They usually come out around every two months.

However, if you’re into anime, you can often find the manga that the anime has been based on, or occasionally that was based on the anime. If you liked an anime, chances are you’ll like the manga about it. And there are often a lot of differences between anime and manga, so it’s not a complete waste of money. It’s a good way to expand your collection. Happy reading!

So far, I have four Inuyasha mangas, four Ranma 1/2, and three Card Captor Sakura: Master of the Clow…

Personally, I like all of them… Ranma is a bit out there, but still very funny… Card Captor Sakura was (and still is) one of my favorite animes, so I just had to get the manga… and originally, I just wanted the ninth volume of Inuyasha because it had the Peach Man thing in it… but, I started to get into it (which my brother predicted ahead of time)…

I’m going to try out Psychic Academy next, see if I like it… then, maybe Fushigi Yuugi…