A man with a mission

This is a post for all you people out there who feel ashamed to be a geek.
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(if you feel dirty after reading it, then it probably never applied to you in the first place.)

Also notice this paragraph. Sound vaguely familiar?

According to the story, an otaku wants to get to know a woman he encountered on the train. He solicits romantic advice from bulletin board participants and keeps them apprised of his progress. The story has a happy ending, of course. The geek gets the girl and reaps the congratulations of his online advisers.

This is so fucking old that i actually feel compelled to point out how old it is. But i guess it is “news” if you don’t go to 2ch.

Humour is less important than age.

Besides it was only recently posted on another forum, so I didn’t think it was old.

He’s telling otaku to be proud because they’re otaku but at the same time tells them to stay away from women and love – thus not breed? Nice.

Scary, I think he’s in denial, or a virgin. Probably both… Oh well, at least he thinks hes happy, I suppose that’s something.


Who the fuck would ever ask how to run a relationship via the interweb?

Your mother would. The results are obvious.

That is a joke right? You do realize YOU just said that right?

I don’t get it?

Not a mission I’d try.

The last few topics you’vd made have involved you in your girlfriend and your life in general, especially the one with the, er, um, you know, hot-breast-touching-action.

You may have not been referring to help about your relationship but…you were pretty loose about it. Of course, I’m just guessing what Xael/Dominic really means, so Xael, sorry if I’m wrong and putting words in your mouth.

Well, the man has issues, in my opinion. But he DOES have a point: you CAN be a “geek” and still be happy; we all are different, and have to find out our own happiness. How many people are there in the World that have all the things he doesn’t- love, money, etc.- and are miserable? :noway: I’d rather be a happy geek than a conforming loser. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s fine…couldn’t have worded it better myself…didn’t want to either since I was a bit stunned he didn’t get it.

Oh I got it, <s>but postcount is postcount</s> but really, the topic doesn’t pertain that much to me. I mean, Dark is right, I didn’t ask for help (except the first two topics out of like, the million). Sure, I’m an ‘otaku’, and ‘in need of assistance in relationship’, and ‘talk about it on net’, and other stuff, but I didn’t meet mine on the subway. \o/

As far as I’m concerned, limiting your fantasies to fictional characters is a great way to ensure that your fantasies remain fantasies.

I don’t see the connection between being a geek and the shame of being a geek, or the self-imposed lack of love.

I consider myself a uber geek, I’m called supernerd by my teachers, even the nerdiest one whom I call master, and still I have a regular life. I’m not dating now, but it hasn’t been long since I last broke up with someone. And most of my less nerdy (but yet great nerds) friends got girlfriends too. The older ones are still reaching their 26 and some are already getting married… Half of their girlfriends are also geeky (Yomiko Readman geeky, I mean) and a two of the girls are even more anime addicts than the guy in the article.

We (specially me) take it personally when it comes to being a geek, and are very proud of it. I never understood why western culture in general put geeks in such a great social stigma. Granted, I know from years browsing the internet over the years that people’s image of geeks is that of an acne ground-zero guy who never goes out from home, doesn’t practice sports, will die virgin etc. That image exists here too (just not so strongly), only because of international media. But things are different. We’re a little closer to the southeast of asia (except for that otaku guy) in which we reward intelligence and scientifical skills, and our geeks actually do get a life as much as everybody else.

Edit: just re-read the article. So he says love is about consumism, but without a date he spends all his money on a virtual family instead. Consumism’s still there. At least he acknowledges he’s got a mental problem later on the article.

Great. Now I feel like a better human.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile: