A machine as powerful as the Sun


This sounds like something out of Final Fantasy. :o

… What happens when somthing goes wrong? Releasing the power of a nuclear reactor that rivals the sun’s power on earth could be really REALLY bad.

All it would take is one explosion, like from a grenade, to release the power… and then what?

I just hope we dont all blow up.

Otto Octavius would be proud.

Neat, possibly: you can’t really tell as long as the article doesn’t mention whether this reactor will actually produce energy on its own or need energy to run like previous fusion reactors.

Why, we’ll be reduced to atomic particles along with the rest of the earth and quite possibly the moon of course.

Fusion should be much safer then fission, as the particles are combining and basically reducing the number, so as long as more fuel isn’t being fed into the system it will eventually burn itself out. With fission, the splitting process could quite possibly run out of control (and has before), but that’s not to say there wouldn’t be problems with fusion (such as an excess amount of energy being released) but from what I’ve been taught, there’s a much lower chance of that as fusion is extremly hard to keep running compared to fission.

This project sounds scary. I don’t want to get blown up.


Go into the “What” category, then the safety subcategory.

That page doesn’t say much of anything.

<font size=“7”>THE POWER OF THE SUN IN THE PALM OF MY HANDS!!!</font>
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…There are other categories under it. It helps a bit.

10bn-euro for an experiment that might not succeed?

A commercial reactor is not expected before 2045 or 2050 - if at all. Indeed, there is no guarantee that Iter will succeed.

Well, I guess it has to be done. We need something to replace fossil fuels.

F*** no! It’s “Final Fantasy” not “Final Science Fiction” >=(

You know what’d be cool? Throwing random objects in the reactor to see how they get destroyed by the power.

So long as we don’t imbalance the reactor or anything, I dibs first coke can!


Because, you know, we don’t already have wind or solar power that could be used on a much larger scale. That technology needs to be advanced so normal people could, persay, have solar panels installed on the roof of their house. Or something.

Maybe you haven’t played the more recent Final Fantasy games. They’ve got plenty of Science Fiction elements in them, including taking rockets into outer space. Actually, even FFIV had you walking on the moon. FFVI had people trying to build machines to harness the power of other things. It’d fit perfectly in the series.

Er, yes I have. I believe I’ve said it already, the whole series went downhill after 6. It’s not supposed to be uber-technological.

Yes, 4 had you walking on the moon, through the Magical Ship (AKA Big Whale). Not through some modern-day rocket. 6 was a kind of industrial revolution for the series, during and after which things begin to grow rapidly more advanced.

Oh well, I’ll just go back to living in the past.

The flying ships were technological, the whale being hybrid, and the real revolution in technology began in 5 with the machines sucking power from the crystals.

Well, whatever. In any case, technology was, for the most part, a lost art for the greater part of the earlier games.