A loss


Is down. I think it’s gone :o


Doh i was thinking someone died rar

Too bad it’s an April Fools joke. http://www.filibustercartoons.com did something similar.

edit: w00t. 1337

I’m always amazed at people who forget not to believe anything they see on April 1. 8p
…Except for the GIA, but that was just nasty.

April First. Ya know, I am really beginning to not like this day.

I haven’t been tricked for years… But it is an annoying day, yes.

I like April the 1st.
It rewards me for not trusting anyone.

My school has all kinds of crap with its network, but somehow I don’t think that’s an April Fools joke.

It most likely is a joke. There have been other sites that offer the same deal. Lets wait til a little into tommorrow before we jump to conclusions.

Better be a joke.

I wondered why I could still go to the other pages >.>

Yeah, but every link directs to the actual index, you’re a smart one you are :stuck_out_tongue:

Steve isn’t usually this dumb…IT MUST BE HIS SIG! He’s been staring at the dancing fat girl for so long it’s stolen his brain!

April 1st is awesome, because it’s 11 days to my birthday.