A lively and very animated Richard Simmons on Whose Line is it Anyway?

Ever see Richard Simmons do comedy? Of any kind? You may want to after this.

Oh, god, I was laughing my ass off and halfway to the floor.

That was so awesome. And i thought Richard Simmons was dead.

Ho-Lee Shit!!

Richard Simmons can’t die, he is to physicaly fit. That man is build like a Greek God.

I saw that, it was hilarious!

Fun fact: Richard Simmons was castrated at an early age and has no sex drive and very little uh… I’m not sure if it’s testosterone or what (what causes hair to grow everywhere, et cetera). I learned it on A+E’s Biography. Interesting, no?

That explains a lot, CC. I can’t believe this was shown on ABC Family.

I really, really hate that man. :frowning:

Exellent improv scetch! I shed a tear laughing.

I saw it when it was on ABC family, god it was hilarious.

Shoulda seen the one with Robin Williams or the one with Mrs. Brady.

Awesome. I take back most of the things I’ve said about Richard Simmons.

I remember that. It was ok.

That’s… Funny. Yes.

Ow, it hurts. Ye gods. I love Whose Line, but I didn’t see this ep. I think I just laughed myself a hernia.

The one with Mrs. Brady was damn funny, and I missed the one with Robin! I must watch them obsessively now until they show it again.

Like Sinistral said, that explains a lot. He kinda looks like a muscular hobbit, to tell you the truth. :hahaha;

Minus the Hair, of course. But I did see that, and it actually was funny. Doesn’t change my opinion of his videos, though

Richard Simmons’ castration=fun fact?!

You’re sick and twisted. I knew there was a reason we’re dating. :kissy:

Hey, Richard seems to be having fun now- he must LIKE being castrated!

I saw that one. It was embarrassing.