A little post-Halloween read...



from: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
date: Tuesday, September 21, 2004 5:77 PM
subject: (No Subject)[



You’d have to read it through to understand it. As well as the links on the site. This spans the site as well as three or four blogs.

That’s awesome. :smiley:

This is…this is just a story, right? doesn’t like horror stories

It is. Apparently a screenwriter in Silicon Valley cooked this up.

Or did he?

Wow . . . now that was a good Internet read :3

Okay…I just kinda skimmed it, but I’m still a little creeped out. Anyone care to try and explain to me excactly what the fuck that was?!

That was freaky. I hate you, Spaz. =P

For those who don’t understand:

With the LJ and Blog, make sure you read from the bottom up.

Email correspondence of “Mark Condrie” investigating why his friend “Andrew Hughes” shot a couple in Idaho.

Updates after “Mark” disappears

“Adventures in Babysitting”, an LJ by “Dani” which is related to the Dionaea House.

“Eric”'s own blog, detailing his own investigation into “Mark”'s disappearance. Make sure you read the comments.