A little gem of a rant

I’m forced to order Fast Food often enough that I have my orders (as well as my family’s) for every restaurant here memorized. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from asking every question even after I’ve said it.

such owned plx.

My my, what a jackass the writer of that rant is. So what if people don’t know that coffee + some food equals a meal. It’s a fast food restaurant. They want to make a quick order, not sit around reading an overhead display trying to find what number, letter, or name designation fits their desired image of a meal. I doubt the author of the rant has the automatic knowledge of every customers’ jobs as he has of his own. There are plenty of other things that he says that are just arrogant and stupid, too…

Oh yeah, but I agree with him about the cell phone. People who come to the register and talk on the cell phone should just die. Assholes.

I cant read and care at the same time. somone tell me what the rant says, plz? kthxbye,

While the person complaining has good points, you can’t really complain about peoples stupidity. People are always going to be stupid, they’re always going to rethink their orders, they’re always going to do those stupid things, but I dunno I guess that guy doesn’t really expect actual changes to happen. Fast food places suck anyways, so I don’t really have sympathy for someone complaining about their jobs their, they should be complaining about the company instead.