A little game discussion: Zelda!

Have you ever noticed that the zelda games follow the same pattern? You get 3 pearl/charm type things, and then you get a master sword, then you get 8 pieces of something to create a whole, then you go and kill gannon.

Doesn’t seem too original to me, but for some reason, Zelda still rocks.

Also, there’s quite a few Zelda games with two “worlds” that are linked together.

Sadly with Wind Waker they only got 5 dungeons in. >.<

I guess they’re obsessed with numerology.

The trend dosen’t hold all that well, LoZ was just 8 pieces of triforce, Links adventure was 8 crystals, LTTP was where the 3 misc. items sarted, Links awakening was 8 instruments, OOT was 3, then 6, and I haven’t played Majoras mask, and can’t remember the oracles too well. But it does hold just to 8 more than 3 then 8.

I’ve still yet to play Windwaker, my friend said he would let me borrow his Gamecube and WW, but I’m not sure when that will be. But the Zelda games are still rockin…

I didn’t like Zelda 2 very much.

Heh, and I liked Zelda 2… Anyway, my aunt got a Game Cube, so I can leech off of that. yay.

Actually, Majora’s Mask runs on a set of 24 masks, 3 sets of arrows, 10 songs, 4 Dungeons in which you get a SPECIAL mask, & 4 Secret abilities/Items in each dungeon in which you must collect 15 fairies. They scrwed the patten up in Majora’s Mask. They should’ve made it bigger.

That’s not to unoriginal, it’s just a basic plot thing, but what really matters is how you have to get those items in each game. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be killing the same boss for the same item in each game… or even killing a boss to get that item in each game.