A little concerned...

Okay, I received this email offereing to join a site calledYoukai_Heritage I got little information about it. It says something about becoming a part of a legend, destorying demons and some other stuff. I’m a little worried about joing a site I’m not too sure about… are any of you in a site like this? If so either PM me about it or come here. I just don’t want to rise a fight or angry the Mods with something like this.:frowning:

Join the Church of Charlemagne instead.

Charle…:frowning: chuckle still can make me laugh…:slight_smile:

just put in a google search about it… but, if you join (and this I hope should be obvious) don’t give away ANY personal details- that way, you can easily get out at any time.

Okay, its not a bad site. I had to click on the join botten inorder to find out more about it. It’s an Inu Yasha site!! :smiley: :smiley: