A-Level results

Laying down the fact that I rock at essays and suck at exams.

History = D
English Literature = C
ICT/IT/Computing/Whatever = A and D so far.

Well, my first year of college down the drain.

Am I the only person who took them this year? I can’t be the only college-going UK’er on the entire Agora.

What does the US have in place of A-Levels anyway? I know you’ve got a different education system, but I have no idea what.

Man, I’m going to college too, but I’m taking my GCSEs this year, going onto A-levels next year.

I’m behind a few years because I dropped out.

Really? What subjects are you thinking of taking? I don’t know about London colleges but the ones where I live suck. Mine isn’t even a real college, it’s just an extra building taped onto my old high school.

Physics, Biology, Mathematics and English, also one more that I’m gonna choose there, since they’ve fucked around with the syllabus and taken off computing :/.

Once I’ve passed them, I’ll probably go for physics, maths and computing A levels.

Don’t they do IT? That sucks. They got me doing an AVCE for that, 2 years, and if I flunk the final bit I gotta do it allllll over again.

It’d help if we actually knew what A-levels were. :stuck_out_tongue:
Are they like a standardized test of some kind? We don’t really have those in college… they all come in your last couple of years in high school. AP tests, SATs, and all that jazz.

They’re a standardised test you take when you’re 17-18 usually. There was a big scare about them last year where people were getting lower grades because some govt guy decided to lower them. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have happened this year.

Silly Americans and British with your standardised tests. In Canada we have nothing as the equivalent.

So what do the superior lifeforms in Canada have?

Originally posted by Flintedge
In Canada we have nothing as the equivalent.

You’ve got to have something. How do you measure your academic acheivement?

A little something we call high school. I suppose I should have said we don’t have standardised tests.

That’s slightly more likely. You lcuky people, you.

You’re lucky Flintedge, In California, I have to take standardized tests EVERY YEAR since elementary school!

Every YEAR? Yeesh. That’s harsher than my school.

I don’t really like it at all, and the tests took days to do, you would do a small part of it each day. I also had to do placement tests at the beginning of every year in addition to the standardized test.

A small part each day? That sounds… wierd. The only subject here that does that is Art, and only because you get about 20 hours total to do it.

It’s like you would do an hour of the Language Arts test when you start school, then a Math part, then in the afternoon, you would go to your classes.

The test was in many parts like:
3 Reading
3 Math
2 Science
1 History
1 Spelling
1 Grammar

We had to do that every year.

That is unusual. We tend to do more than one exam per subject, in entirely seperate exams, say, three English Literature exams on different aspects of it. THis may not make much sense.

The reading divided up into Vocabulary, Comprehension, and California Standards.

Here’s some trivia. The name of the test is called the CAT.