A Labo(u)r Day Pledge

Tonight, I pledge my first three drinks of scotch to our dedicated soldiers here at rpgclassics.

Varan the Red, deadtear, and Infonick…these are for you. Thanks for serving, so that people like me don’t have to.

I suggest you all do the same.

Here here! Three Cheers for our RPGC soldiers!

Cheers… In memory of these soldiers who died bravely…

I dedicate tonights masturbation session to thee.

Uh… If I hadn’t seen this thread, I would’ve completely forgotten about the day off tomorrow. Thanks zepp. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dedicate this post to the hard working staffers here at RPGC, and thank them for putting up with my Newbieism. and three cheers to all, I think i’ll have a few drinks to celebrate(only if I had the money)

More visiters post here than staffers. So thank me! ME!

I drank a 1/3 of a bottle of vodka last night, and I’m not up for it again (even though it went down smooth like Gary Coleman), so I dedicate that to the armed forces of RPGClassics.

Cheers, friends! :toast:

Ah, Labourdabour is upon us again… Now, a toast to the soldiers!

Fuck you Zepp! You could’ve waited until rememberance day!

It’s not like Zep won’t be drinking then either Hades :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay,a toast for RPGC’s soldiers :toast:

Just one question:Why is it called Labour day and many people don’t work?

Well, that was an unexpected thread to see here:) It is very much appreciated, all.

Not that I’ve got anything against it, but why special mention for soldiers on Labo(u)r Day as opposed to Armed Forces Day or Veteran’s Day or something?

Cheers! I don’t really care since I’m not American, but I’ll take any excuse to drink >.>
gets out teh booze
(Oooh, V posted. A miracle :o)

Two drinks. I refuse to drink to deadtear on principle. Varan and Info are pretty cool though. :toast: :toast:

I don’t drink, but regardless of that, I thank you for fighting for us.

Ah, thanks guys. It means a lot. I’m all choked up and don’t know how to express my gratitude.

it took me liken three treies to type in tyhe addres to this place, and like another time to tkype in my name and passwor,d but man i just wanted to check and see that my post was appreicationed. WPOPPPPPOOOOOOO I LOVE YOU GUSY!!! that’s all for tonight CIOA

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<3 varna the red and infonick and that oher uyg i said crap i cant rmemeber at all @@@_@