A Keyboard for the Next Generation

Or not.

Personaly, I can’t imagine getting used to this. Thoughts?

Hmm… I think not. You would have to have a lot of practice before really getting any good. I can see maybe 5 or 6 crazy fanatical people in support of this idea, the rest of humanity(including me) would be like “WTF?”

Too slow. It would take too long to type stuff.

What on earth is the point, they expect the next generation to not have fingers? It’s rubbish!

Just give me an at-home stenotype…anything else seems like a gimmick and/or waste.

I don’t see anyone write a graduate thesis with this. However, the point that it might help some people, however FEW, isn’t completely invalid. Its just not a very good product if you want 1337 profits.

  1. Having to move both hands to type a single letter is very inefficient.
  2. Standard keyboard has what, 102 keys? This thing has 64 combinations. barely over half of a standard keyboard.
  3. They made a single Ctrl+Alt+Delete key? Wow. Sad.
  4. There’s a serious problem. Moving to the blue is a left click. If you want to click and drag something, you must click (Move your left onto blue), and drag with the right… but you’re moving it into letter spaces instead and typing. There’s it’s failpoint.
  5. I just spent $200 on a new mouse and keyboard. Screw them.

Yeah, screw logging in. You know thats pretty common right? My tablet has a CAD key, and so do alot of normal keyboards.

This does look kinda ridiculous!

How and why the fuck would you do that.

At first I thought it was for autistic people who might respond to the colours and even spacing of letters and numebrs.

Try to imagine playing a game with that thing. Clearly, this was designed with the sole purpose of typing, and not higher-end computer functions.

xelo has way too much money.

I could see someone writing a paper with this, if you’re really skilled you could probably ‘type’ pretty quickly with it as well… but as some said, it’s inconvenient and lacks a lot of complexity/ accuracy.

The mascot looks like a distant relative of Rippy the Razor… and he seems rather relevant to this somehow.

Rippy the Razor? That’s gotta be the worst mascot name ever…
But yeah, not a very good device. I can’t see myself using it either, I’ll stick to my good old (crappy) mouse/keyboard until I can get new ones.

Apparently one of the orbs has an up/down toggle option, allowing for 128 combintations.
Still, I don’t think it’s that great. According to their FAQ, average typing speed is 30-40 wpm, and the fastest they’ve seen is 42. I can do 60 easy on a traditional keyboard, I don’t want to waste 4 1/2 hours learning how to use some new-fangled piece of junk to be slower than I was before.


Hey yeah and windows has this crazy magnifying program that magnifies part of the screen and its really silly but I would never use it because I’m not vision impaired but lets laugh at how silly it is.

am I the only one who thinks it’s kinda cool looking? Very Minority Report.

I’d like to see how fast someone can type on it who is proficient (they say after 45 hours or something of practice). Carpal tunnel is a serious problem, especially for people who may type 8-10 hours a day at various jobs.

I use that all the time. I even have it mapped to my 4th mouse button.

If you’re implying that this keyboard would somehow be better for the impaired, howso? It still takes alot of precision to get each of the discs lined up to the letter they want to type. I can’t see what type of disabled person would find this useful.