A journey into my e-mail...

Since I’m going to CSU Fresno in a few weeks, I’ve finally gone through and cleaned out the school e-mail (which was filled with spam they had dumped from other accounts since my last application). I thought the Paypal and eBay spams were scary…

89 penis enlargements
70 cheap software offers
65 prescription drug offers
37 Nigerian E-mails
23 Reminders of events I had already been to before I got the email
6 REAL messages

Fresno State needs a spam blocker BADLY…

I don’t think i’ve ever gotten any “nigerian prince” stuff…which is a shame, because from all the press it’s getting, it sounds like an interesting angle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I mostly get surveys, cheap software ads, and porn ads. Every now and then I get some rather phony sounding job offers.

I’ve only gotted one Nigerian email. Like Dev I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any up until that point.

I actually forget whether or not I’ve gotten it. I probably have.


Anyone remember when Nigeria exported oil and not e-mails?

Anyone remember when Xelo was funny? Oh…wait…never happened.

Anywho, before I joined the staff and got my RPGC account I got very little spam. Now I get lots, whether there’s a connection I dunno. I also seem to get a lot of e-mails from…intelligence challenged individuals who are unable to find an item or place when the shrine tells how to get it in abotu 4 different places. I also got a rather odd e-mail today telling me that the sender had copied down all my information adn now wanted the game for free, without telling me what shrine it was for. So not only was it a stupid request but I didn’t know what shrine said idiot was going on about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, a couple of days ago, I was excited to open my e-mail and to see that I had received a message in my “Jobs” folder - I filter employment opportunity messages into that folder.

It was a porn spam about “some barely legal chick’s first blow job”. Man, I was pissed. Spam has managed to sneak into a sacred folder.

I once had spam sneak into my Inbox by combining the first and last names of two of my friends.

Don’t complain. I came home from a weeks vacation to three-hundred-and-sixty spam-mails. Made me glad I use Opera.