A Humorous Flash Cartoon: One Ring to Rule Them All

I am unsure whether or not a link to this has already been posted, but I recommend it anyhow. It is a Lord of the Rings parody made by the same fellow who made The Return of Ganondorf. It is less random than Arfenhouse, but still very enjoyable. There are two cartoons, but the second one is better:

  1. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=111845

  2. http://newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=88286

This guy needs to come up with his own jokes, especially with <strike>Garland</strike> Sauron.

I saw this a long time ago.

Originally posted by Cloth Hat
This guy needs to come up with his own jokes, especially with <strike>Garland</strike> Sauron.

Funny you say that, since this guy is like king of the portal at newgrounds, all his stuff is up, but i agree with you on that, it kinda annoys me.

The first one sucked, I didn’t even bother finishing it. If the second is any similar im not seeing it.

this is the first time I’ve ever seen it. I liked it (at least the second one).

I LOVE LegendaryFrog. :slight_smile:

Seen them both. And to anyone who disliked the first, let me say thatt he second is TONS better.

Oh man, my sides hurt :hahaha;

You know that Biblo Baggins song was actually sung by Lenard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek)

I’m still reeling from the revelation that Elrond is Agent Smith.

Yeah, Legendary Frog hs one a lot of cool Flash movies… I suggest you check his other flash movies too…

Especially the ones about Kerrigan :slight_smile:

I like those movies. I also like the FF Tribute cartoon that usually get’s a posting here every few months. And yeah, the on’es with Kerrigan are funny too.

The first one started off interesting enough, but it was way too repetative. I’d heard about the second one a while ago, but never saw it. That one was good.

legendaryFrog is god…

no really he is…

I’ve seen it before, lots and lots of times.

And Legendary Frog isn’t God, he’s simply the God of Flash.