A-Holes Online

So Ya, I play this game online, and was playing it last night, with this other dude. We had been playing for an hr, and I get a call to go out to eat with some friends. I tell the dude, I am going out to eat, and told him id save the game (which is possible) and we’d continue later. He asks if I can wait and finish, but Im going to guess the game had anouther half hr atleast, if not more, and neither of us was winning, and Im hungry so I said no. I save and leave.

This game has a website that tallies stuff about it, and has some forums for issues and stuff.

So I went on the forum today, see whats kickin, and this dude has posted a letter chewing me (anonymously) out, saying Im a poor player and stuff because I left and wouldnt finish. He says he is going to forget where we are at, which is a perfect lie, as is between turns for us, and is clearly visable by how the game is played, that it is there (and his turn too). Like I said, there was like atleast 30 mins left, if not more (I acutally would bet more), and its not like this game couldnt be saved and stuff and picked up later. I do it with many ppl, and normally the games come to an uneventful close. I also have it done to be by many and its completely understandable. ITS A FREAKIN GAME.

Sorry for that rant. But I had to get it out.

No you didn’t. If you truly got SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED that some random dick in an online game bitched about you for dropping out of a game that you just HAD to rant about it to a bunch of people completely oblivious to what the hell you’re talking about you take the internet way too seriously and should maybe stop playing with random dicks.

What is A-holes online?

Being an asshole <strike>online</strike> is fun.

Dude, that’s what you get for being in a PUG. Get in a real guild

The term is pub.

You nub.

Assholes…online? Surely you jest. :stuck_out_tongue:

[insert comment to the effect of “why are you surprised?” here]

No, its PUG.

And I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.

Where can I read a review of A-Holes Online

I’m not sure if the topic title was reffering to the asshole who was online, or if it’s a game name.

Every time Setz posts, God kills a kitten. Jesus fucking christ man x_X

I’ll pub you one!

I don’t play Online games since My brother and I who sleeps in the same room as my PC. He works shifts and need the sleep.

I see your pub and I’ll raise you pug!

Don’t ban him

Really, he needs to be around for comic relief.

Oh, boo, hoo, hoo. You met an asshole on the Internet. That’s a surprise.

Why care? This guy is obviously just a sack and isn’t worth getting all pissed about.

I believe SK wrote an excellent one somewhere: http://www.rpgclassics.com/reviews/sk/index.shtml