A group NON-Fanfic?

Since theres a group fanfic, could there possibly be a group non-fanfic?

I’d be up for that. I can’t write fan-fics to save my life, but fics are a different story.

Ooh! Nice pun, Urkani :stuck_out_tongue:

Uweeheeeheee. Yes, very nice pun.

I’m sure it could be done. However, it would be a bit trickier in the sense that we’d be inventing characters and settings from scratch and, hence, author A would not get as used to “playing” author B’s character the way Author A envisions said character as quickly as would occur when we’re using RPG characters we all know and love (maybe).

More plot stuff might have to be framed up beforehand by the authors intending to be involved.

It would have to be done a little differently for these reasons, I think, but I’m sure it could be done. Especially with all the talent lingering around this place.

Ummmm… I actually didn’t notice that pun, Larf.