a great day for my FF progress...

last sunday, i both finally beat Final Fantasy VII and both ultima and omega weapon on X. Yeah! :hahaha; :suckah:

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Um congragulations?


Not impressed. VII isn’t all too hard to beat and Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon on X are barely more then average fiends. I have more trouble with Marlboros then I do with those two ‘bosses’. And I don’t mean the Marlboros in the Omega Dungeon.

The only hidden boss I’ve ever actually had trouble with is Penance, and he’s not even in the American FFX. Admittely, Dark Anima was a bitch too.

congrats. it took me exactly one week less than a year (358 days) to beat ffx. one week before xmas, in fact. i beat ultima and omega recently, too, but i was so strong they died in a couple hits.

Out of all the extra bosses I fought, Ruby Weapon was the hardest. Beat Emerald though. And the easiest is Trema… So pathetic, the boss you have to fight before him is harder- and I beat them both at around lvl. 70.

I actually had a much harder time with Trema than Paragon, till I figured out that I could drain his MP.

Man, don’t rain on the parade! Sheesh.

So far, I’ve had the most trouble with some of the bosses in Via Infinito in X2 when I’m trying to win in a non-cheapskate manner. I haven’t even started on the Coliseum in X yet!

Can’t say I’m not a cheapskate. (Catnip all the way!!!) AND I used a gameshark on FFX.

<----Big cheater!

I beat FFX so many times now, the end bosses in all the games are not near hard enough, th only one i remember having trouble with was ff6 the final guy, some bad luck got me killed and i hadn’t saved in a while, super frustrating. ff8 was the easiest cause i played it on my comp and had the cheap cheat with the chocobo minigame getting all my characters 255 for all stats, i was untouchable!