A Great Day for Americans

Sunday July 23, 2006 was a great day for Americans.

Floyd Landis wins the Tour de Freedom in one of the more exciting tours in recent memory. In doing so, he continued the eight year dominance of the Tour de Freedom by Americans.

Tiger Woods captures his third British Open championship and 11th major overall at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club with a final score of 18 under par, tying for second in lowest score under par (only behind 19 under which he set in 2000).

King Booker captured the World Championship after defeating the greatest underdog champ of all time, Rey Mysterio. All hail King Booker!

Yes, July 23 was a great day for Americans. Truly, it was a great American bash!

You realize that wrestling is all fixed. Other than that, I agree, it did see a good day for Americans.

Zig Hiel…

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Yes, I do realize that. Doesn’t mean him being booked to win it can’t be a great day for Americans.

oh kay,and why is it that booker t, being king and champ is a good thing?

Are you still ordering Liberty fries at your local fast food joint?
I thought the French were ok lately, since they finally joined the NATO forces in Afghanistan. But I digress. It was certainly a great day. I experienced something je ne sais quoi, my joie de vivre increased exponentially and suddenly my raison d’être came into focus. :wink:

Edit: Tiger. Yeah, I shed a tear then.

I still buy freedom fries and liberty cabbage, yes. >:(

What about Liberty Dogs (Daschunds, I believe, but it might’ve been German Shepherds)?

And do you recognize that ‘Frenchie’ from Grease is now named ‘All-American Slutty Girl?’

America! Fuck yeah!

(anyway… what’s up with Booker T beating Mysterio? I haven’t watched in so many years.)

Booker won this year’s King of the Ring (after a four year absence). Mysterio was the World Heavyweight Champ since Wrestlemania when he beat Kurt Angle (the then champ) and Randy Orton in a triple threat match. Booker went on to win the title at the Great American Bash after Chavo Guerrero deliberately hit Mysterio with a chair. So we had two wrasslers who were big in WCW fighting over a belt that’s just the old WCW Big Gold Belt design at what used to be a WCW PPV.

Booker’s losing it at SummerSlam to Batista though.

For the Tour de France thing (seriously, you can’t change the name of the event if it’s not yours, fgt >:O), I have but one thing to say.

lol drugs.

Landis was tested positive for taking drugs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hence “lol drugs”. It wasn’t just random derision of cyclists. >>

Landis tested positive for high testosterone in his A sample. They’re still going to test his B sample. But what’s this? He was medically cleared to take cortisone for pain in his hip, and I believe that can cause higher levels of testosterone. :open_mouth:

Plus the test is known for having a high number of false positives. We’ll see once the B sample is analyzed.

But the cortisone is a steroid, no?

It’s a steroid he has a prescription for (his hip) and the cycling commission has wavered the ban on it, clearing him to use it.

Some expert expanded on the situation. Landis didn’t test positive for high testosterone leves. He had a high testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. However, his absolute levels of testosterone remained fairly constant while his epitestosterone levels dropped off that one day. That’s highly different from having constant levels in both then having a sudden spike in overall testosterone levels.