A good DOS emulator.

Not sure if many people have mentioned it here, but I got the impression that the people here have soime old DOS games they wish to play on new systems.

With the release of DOSBox .62, I thought it a good idea to link you to it. A very nice DOS emulator, and while not complete yet is still rather comprehensive of running old games on it. Unlikeother DOS emulators, it seems to have been designed with gaming in mind, and was as such tested primarily with those.


Oh, and be careful; it takes some knowledge of DOS commands to use. And you’ll need to know how to mount drives properly, but that is covered in the readme.

does it have passable protected mode emulation yet? If not then I’ll stick to .61

They had protection mode emulation in .61… what game are you refferring to specifically?

most any really, the protected mode in .61 was very buggy and was just a first attempt at getting something to start debugging. I have a pile of old interplay games that don’t work.

It’s worth pointing out that you have to use an older version to get some games to work. You’re best off checking their database to see what version works best with a given game.

Is sound emulated as part of this emulator or do you need a seperate emulator for it?

Also, can it handle USB mice?

yes to both

It also emulates joysticks.

Does this mean I can play X-Com again?!


But for X-Com… if DOSBox doesnt work… I could, ah… get you in touch with the windows version…