A Glass of Vanity

I wrote another poem. This one’s more lighthearted. Tell me what you think - and look at the Twisted Ring too, since that’s my favorite:

A Glass of Vanity
Would you like a glass of vanity, sir?
I see you’ve expended yourself, over
These last few days. Believe me, it rests well.
A few sips, and life becomes simpler; shall
We start with just a shot? The first few sips
Will pleasantly startle you. Ah, your lips
Quaver slightly. I will give you a taste.
Drink slowly, though! There is no need for haste.
Your cheeks are blossoming red; delightful,
Is it not? You say you’d like this glass full?
I live to serve you. Here - it is all yours.
The gentleperson, like yourself, adores
This flavor exclusively. You may drink
Faster now, if you’d like. Let yourself sink
Deep into yourself - oh? You are ready
To leave? Stay instead for more vanity!