A giant spider

Man, I wouldn’t want to be the person washing my underwear after me seeing those spiders.:eek:

British Columbia has a good number of spider species. I find them ugly, but I try not to kill spiders, since they are an important part of most ecosystems. It is irritating, however, that some spiders like to build their webs directly in walkways in the garden, so I end up walking right through them. Most of the spiders in this part of the world are rather timid, too.

Sea spider is a kind of crab. Duh. As for real spiders, I have arachnophobia since I was a little brat, but I’m half-way through defeating it. I can’t get near a spider but I love observing them for hours, watching them hunt or build a web.

I even have some spiders in my apartment. I brought them in a pot because my fear keeps me from touching them. They eat roaches, ants & stuff so my apartment hasn’t had an infestation for nearly a decade now. They live hidden in the unreachable-without-a-ladder, darkmost parts of my room & nearby places so I don’t see them very often (except when I’m looking for them). I like watching them eating ants from afar.

Spiders are awesome, I love how they look, what they do, and they’re even helpful too.

The original article is very interesting, it’s cool to find out about new species of animals, sometimes they are really unique.

I hate spiders. Simple as that. Any spider within arms reach DIES.

I’ve never liked spiders. Guh, if I saw one the size of a dinner plate near me, I’d probably get away from it. Quickly.

Interesting about the spider.

So you don’t like spiders, Kagon? Even more interesting…

That molting spider thing was naaaaaaaaaasty! But in a way, it was kinda cool too! I think I prefer snakes, though. Less legs.

I really don’t like how you phrased that 984.

984, that’s just NASTY. That is WRONG. That is Geneva Convention-violating WRONG.

I didn’t say anything. Nothing was said that would elaborate on what suspected horrors you think I will unleash on Kagon.

Knowing you though, you’ll do it. Right?

Nothing NEEDED to be said. It’s you we’re talking about. Any post by you has n unwritten but all too understood footnote that says something along the lines of “This post was intended to do as much psychological, emotional, sexual and/or physical damage to MegamanX2K and/or Kagon as possible.”

Who knows. I’m a mystery wrapped in an enigma hidden inside a conundrum.

Well if you don’t, 984, YOU SUCK! I’ll lose all respect for you and your incapacity for evil.

Well. I may have something planned. Maybe not. I have only one thing to say. What he least expects when he least expects it.

But isn’t this like making him what he expects least what he expects most and when he expects it most?

Most likely not. I can come up with pretty innovative schemes to pull off at innovative times. If I do anything that is. This could just be a way to get him psychologically.

Of course. Psychological warfare upon your friends and roommates. Always a worthwhile effort.

Hmm, Cuddles…
how cute.