A game like Prof. Layton?

I have played the three Prof. Layton games that are in English in the last week or so, and I really enjoyed them. I’ve found that I like having a game that’s not just about fighting and stuff once in a while (I usually play RPGs and fighting games).

I’ve also started playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, but that game is kind of…slow? Its more story than gameplay, it may be better in later installments but I’m playing the first.

I’m looking for other DS games that are in this same kind of vein- something that makes you think. I don’t think there’s anything quite like Professor Layton out there, but there must be something good that people can suggest. I’m using an R4 revolution card to try out games, so money really isn’t an object to trying out different games until I find a really good one.


So my one question here is are you actually buying the games you like or is your avatar in need of an eye patch and a pirate’s hat?

You could try Super Scribblenauts. You solve puzzles by using word play. It’s definitely for kids but I find it amusing to see how many combinations the game will allow. I got it to spawn an exploding acidic squirrel.

Like I said, I’m going to try some games using the card. If its something that catches my interest, then I plan on actually buying the game to play in full. The only reason I’ve gone this route is that I’ve ended up wasting a lot of money in the two years I’ve owned a DS on games, because there are a lot of DS games out there that are really, really shitty. If someone suggest a game, I spend a half hour or so playing it and its a good game I’d want to really play, then I’m buying it. If its another terrible, barely playable shitty game, then I’m deleting it and no one is hurt. I guess you could call that piracy, but I don’t feel like its any worse than borrowing someone’s actual game to see if I like it.

 I own the first Scribblenauts. Is the new one more interesting than the first with its wider range of stuff you can put in? I got kind of bored of riding pterodactyls after a while in the first one, lol.

I’ve heard 999 (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors) is pretty interesting. It’s sort of a visual novel with problem solving elements, and has a fairly interesting plot, with a bunch of endings.

The Phoenix Wright games are pretty good as well, but they may not be up everyone’s alley. There’s also another game I have in mind, but I can’t think of it right now.

Then apologies are in order. From the way that you had phrased it, you sounded like you had just gotten your hands on an R4 card and wanted to know which games to bother with.

That said, if you can wait for a bit, then you can get a game that should combine the awesomeness of both Layton and Wright. Additionally, there’s another game coming out called Ghost Trick that’s similar to Ace Attorney Investigation but with the added caveat that the murder you’re trying to solve is your own. Also Picross, any Picross, is a solid choice. No plot, but will make you think.

I hadn’t heard of 999 or Ghost trick, they both sound interesting so that might be perfect.
I just heard about the Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover thing- I thought it was a joke to be honest. That would be an interesting game!
thanks guys.

Picross 3D is a great game and is very affordable. I’d recommend that one.

And there’s the obvious choice for this, Brain Age.

I tried 999 and wow, that’s a game you can’t play casually (at least I can’t). I like the addictive story.

I have played Picross on Newgrounds, I’m wondering if there is a big difference between Picross DS and 3D?

Picross 3D has three dimensional puzzles; original picross has two dimensional puzzles. That’s about it.

I haven’t played it myself, but I was reading TV Tropes and came across this game, which is be sort of a takeoff on the Professor Layton series. Not a DS game, mind, but may be worth a look all the same.