A funny story involving soap

Gotta love hotel service.

No we don’t.

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I love hotel service! I just got my special guest card for my favorite hotel for my business trips, so it must be a sign that I’ll get to go soon. =)

That is too funny though - it sounded like the guy had some sort of OC issue with the little bars of soap, and that was enough to make me think that someone at the hotel deliberately screwed around with him. See, the trick is just to call and ask that the flow of soap in and out of the hotel room is to cease during one’s stay and then to put the little ones somewhere out of the way. I’ve done that, geez.

Wow, thats freakin awesome.

At least he’ll be nice and clean the following morning :wink:

Hey, if ure that mad about soap, just leave the hotel,

or make a castle out of them :ah-ha!:

And here I was thinking it involved bending over…

lol sucks to be that guy, good idea Luke Skywalker hehe. Me too Starstorm <<…>> read it as love hotel as um yeah nevermind.

It brings back old memories: From the couple of times I’ve stayed in hotel rooms. Motel rooms mostly.

That’s a lot of soap to drop…

Soap + Garbage Can = No Soap…

Is it really that hard?

Don’t people usually steal those things?

Hotels don’t care if people take the soap, it’s there to be used anyway.

And they probably have like a million of those little soap bars, so they probably want people to take them, so they can get rid of them.

This is old, I remember it from before the days of rpgclassics.

I think I’ve seen it before. Snigger.

Thats boring, use them for balistic missiles against the people in the surounding rooms that keep you up all night.

I actually made a pyramid using the chocolates that were left on my pillow from turndown service. When you stay in a hotel for about two weeks and get about three chocolates a night, you can make a pretty impressive building.

i took the story into school

99.9% of ppl surveyed said that this just shows how stupid ppl are.

someone said that he could have mashed them up and made food from them.
( he was reading Catch 22 thought, if you know about that story and have read the book)

i do like the idea about making balistic missles from them

maybe the guy should make some from them and threatn the hotel with it until he got back his bottle of Dial.