A fun little Mech RPG...

Mech Crusaders It is free, and quite addicting.

“Note: Mech Crusaders was rolled back to 19th Feb 20:00 GMT due to server problems. If you signed up after this date, you will have to rejoin, sorry. :(”

It’s RO all over again :open_mouth:

Yeah, as well as the fact that I signed up about 2 hours ago and I still haven’t got the E-mail with my password in it.

the notice is old, and I got my confirmation in seconds thats kind of odd.

Yet another MMO for RPGC to get all worked up on then quit after a few weeks of playing.

From the looks of it it’s just another text-based RPG. Planetarion looks and, from what I’ve done on this so far, plays, better, and has the benefit of many, many seasons of refining and tweaking.

My two cents. Back to RO. :smiley:

Planetarion? what that?


I played it once for the… oooh… must hav ebeen the seventh season. Tried at the beginning of the eighth also, but I had more important things to worry about. It’s similar, but gives you a whole world, a fleet to build, and let you team up to build galaxies of alliances. Pretty sweet game for a while.

But it costs money, which I lack, though it does sound interesting.
Mech Crusaders isn’t bad for a free game, though it is heavily in favor of paying people. The on site boards blow, however. If only runescape would work on the xp machines at my school…

I played planetarion before, but then they started charging.

Havent found areplacement yet. Oh well.


try this