A Final Fantasy Gimmick?

A week or so ago, I was shopping for video games, and I saw the new Mario Party which comes with a microphone. I also played Guitar Hero (which is fun! :hyperven:) which comes with a fairly large guitar peripheral. Seems like these “gadget” games, like DDR’s dance pad, the DS touch screen, WarioWare’s tiltables, Boktai’s sun catcher, and various third party supplements like racing wheels and joysticks, and the most recent piece of innovation - the Revolution controller.
The question is: do you think Final Fantasy would benefit from integrating such a gadget into the games? And if so, what would it be?

Personally, the only thing that would make sense would be a some sort of sword that allowed you to control the main characters weapon. On exactly how it strikes the enemy.

But I also don’t think it would work very well. Or be a very good idea. I like the tried and trusted origianl controller. But hey, that is just me.

I think it would be great if the next Final Fantasy came with a sword and some LSD. That way you can get high and kill people thinking they’re random encounters! The fun starts when you get to jail and you have to fight your way out.


And it begs to be asked: any of you actually buy Kenshin Dragon Quest? Any good?
(this was a self-contained console game (think the Jakks Pacific and Radica line of “TV Games”) that only came out in Japan. It was controlled by an infrared sword. I’d like to try it, but last I checked, I’d have to spend about $90 to import it, and I’m too broke.)

I don’t think it would benefit. RPGs are generally not supposed to use fancy gagets like music, driving and action games are. The DS screen, however, would do good for strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem.

OK dude… You sure you wernt on Lsd when you posted that idea???

So, when you get out of jail, and everyone is chasing you, what do you do, pull an escape from midgar on a motorcycle and ure friends in a truck??

Then again, If you even started that crazy idea, my money would be on you beheading ureself or removing some other body parts…

Turn based RPGs dont allow for much interaction like that. How can you swing a sword to navigate menus?

(point and stab)

When I first saw the topic title, I thought it was going to be about a wrestler with a Final Fantasy gimmick.

I think stabbing at options onscreen would be pretty cool.
stabs “Curaga”
stabs Locke
All better. Stabbing solves everything.