a final fantasy game's best/worst moment [MAJOR SPOILERS]

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Final Fantasy IX for sure!!

Favourate moment: when vivi kicked a** against the Black walts

worst moment: when you had to beat the game less than twelve hours to get the excalibur 2 and fight the creature with dagger and zidane alone at shimmering island

romantic moment: the ending when zidane hugged princess Garnet and the note passing between Eiko, Steiner, Blank, Beatrice and Baku lol

favourate character: Vivi for sure! because black mages RULE!!

sad moment: when the ending of disk one, where vivi and freya were lying on the ground and evertime Kuja said that vivi was a puppet it made me upset:C

funniest moment: everytime eiko got pied and when Zidane grabbed daggers a climbing on the rope ladder to the cargo ship

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Ok, I’ll Play:

Favorite Moment: Getting GOD in your party and pwning the rest of the game (TG Cid, that is).

Leat Favorite Moment: Fighting Velius. Seriously, no amount of preparation seems to be enough for that fucking faggot. Still one of the best fights in the game though.

Favorite Character-Delita, Algus, TG Cid

Romantic Moment- Delita’s quest to bring Ovelia to the throne

Sad Moment: After everything’s over, after the credits roll, Ovelia has gone crazy, stabs Delita, who in turn stabs Ovelia and they both die. FUCKED. UP.

Funniest Moment: Not very many, but during the road to cloud side quest You have that robot, and it asks Ramza for a command. Ramza says “beat Mustadio up” The Robot fires this rocket fists at him, knocking him on his ass. Ramza starts panicking. “WHERE’S THE PHOENIX DOWN?” Lmao. Priceless.

Hm…why not?


Favorite Moment: Before and during the fight against Raem’s second form. Quite impressive really

Least favorite Moment: Having to move between dungeons and cities on the world map.

Favorite Character: Amidatty, Artemecion

Romantic Moment: Uh… I suppose seeing Cecil and the chief of Lueda dead in Tida after showing the letter to both of them.

Sad Moment: Seeing Mio die after defeating Raem who absorbed her power.

Funniest Moment:Seeing poor little Artemecion sent soaring after charing into him with the caravan XD

Sounds fun :stuck_out_tongue: Here I go:


Favorite Moment: The orphanage flashback

Least Favorite Moment: The Ragnarok quest. God I hate Rinoa.

Favorite Character: Quistis Trepe

Least Favorite Character: Rinoa Heartilly

Romantic Moment: Quistis & Squall’s date in the “secret place”.

Sad Moment: Selphie’s mourning in Trabia Garden’s graveyard.

Funniest Moment: Irvine trying to hit on Rinoa and Selphie, and getting stopped by Quistis.

Final Fantasy VI

Best Moment: Possibly Kefka’s “Self-Help Booklet” line.

Worst Moment:They decided to remove all magic from the world in the story after you beat the game.

Saddest Moment: When Kefka poisons the entire kingdom of Doma and only one or two people haven’t drunk from the river. Cyan’s family are both killed.

Final Fantasy IX

Best moment: When Dagger, (Sarah) and Zidane hugged at the end infront of every1 and then every1 started clapping.

worst moment: whenever you fight beatrix, exept for the 3rd time, you hear that music which gives you a feeling that something bad is about to happen.

Most Dramatic moment: Right before you fight necron You choose 4 characters and the other 4 gives up their lives to restore the 4 you’ve chosen.

Most Heart-pounding moment: when you fight Ozma (in chocobo’s air garden after you’ve given the stones to all the friendly animals) even if you’re well equipped you can still lose badly.

It keeps coming back!

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Fav moment, Selphie appearing in FF(
Funnest moment, see above.
Gayest moment, the romantic bickering of Seifer and Zell
Worse moment, that damn sphere break or whatever the hell its called in FFX-2/ Video games are supposed to be for entertainment people. ENTERTAINMENT! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING USING MATH GAMES IN AN RPG!!!

You dont play RPGs much, do you? There’s all sorts of numbers and math.

I play them a lot, I just don’t do the figuring in of the hit points and such. Of course if you mean dice and paper rpgs, then no, don’t play those at all.

No, I was thinking of console RPGs, though slight math skills are still required for all RPGs, console, PC, P&P, Dice, etc.

Actually, I agree with Ziggy. I HATED that coin based game, especially because YOU COULDN’T GO ON WITH THE GAME UNTIL YOU HAD BEATEN THAT !@#$ KID!! Oh, and the gun-shooting game on the island. I don’t mind minigames in RPGs as long as they’re OPTIONAL; but I hate it if you’re asked to play another kind of game in order to continue (especially if I suck at it; I had to get this 7-year-old kid I know who is a master of shooting games to beat that part for me. True story!) :thud:

Hmmm… let’s see.

Final Fantasy VII:

Favorite Moment: I liked almost all of the scenes that took place in Midgar at the beginning of the game. For some reason I liked the scene on the train where they’re planning to bomb the Sector 8 reactor.

Worst Moment: Any of the sidequests. Sidequests are never cinematically or even dramatically interesting.

Saddest Moment: The scene with Cloud and Tifa outside the airship was pretty sad. That’s also the most romantic moment.

I forgot to add:
FF 9
Funny moment: when Zidane and Sarah was getting married in Conde Pitet.(srry bad spelling)