a final fantasy game's best/worst moment [MAJOR SPOILERS]

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Getting 0 seconds was easy… but the lightning?
I nearly cracked my PS2 in half.

Wasnt worth it to me =)

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Wasnt worth it to me =)

I never did it either.
Once I got to 189, then my fingers slipped. >_<

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Get a time of 0 seconds in a chocobo race?!?!


It’s how you get the Sigil for Tidus’ weapon.

Originally posted by Gizamaluke
Getting 0 seconds was easy… but the lightning?
I nearly cracked my PS2 in half.

Quite the opposite here… my second real attempt got me to 221 bolts [first I slipped at 50]. But after an hour of racing with the best score 16 seconds, I got pissed and quit. XP

The lightning thing was just annoying, very doable but annoying. The chocobo racing though, I can’t believe I actully did it. That is one feat I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do again.

Is there a secret or trick to that chocobo thing ? cause i suck at it.

There was a glicth on the original Japanese version that made the birds fly thourgh you, but not touch you. But it was taken out of the American/European veriosns.

So the only real trick to is to get as many balloons as you can, and avoid all the birds.

So we’ve gone from favorite moments to the asinine FFX side-quests then? The secret to the chocobo racing is if you spend enough time doing it, you’ll get to be good. Enought time >= 0.
I don’t think I spent more than an hour on all the chocobo stuff, but the second butterfly catcher section is driving me nuts because I can’t find one of the blue butterflies.


favorite moment: The Opera Scene

Worst Moment: Climbing the Fanatic’s Tower

Romantic Moment: When Celes throws herself off the cliff when she thinks Locke is dead.

Sad Moment: When Cid dies…curse those rotten fish

Ok i just finished disk 1 of FF7 so i’ll say what i like about it so far


fav moment: Sephy flashback
worst moment:Caith Sith being a traitor and Cloud giving Sephy the Black Materia
romantic moment: sort of love triangle with Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris, Aeris and Cloud on their date.
saddest moment: Aeris’ death was sooo sad for Cloud

ok i didn’t know what was old news in FF7 so i put all of them in spoiler tags

Final Fantasy X

Favorite moment: The battle with Yunalesca

Worst moment: Blitzball game

Romantic moment: When Tidus holds Yuna as he fades

Favorite character: Auron

Saddest moment: The “Death” of Tidus

Coolest moment: When they all slide down the wires into Bevelle

Final Fantasy I

Favorite Moment: Crossing the bridge

Worst Moment/Dumbest Moment: Realizing after countless deaths that I should unequip those Iron Nunchucks from the Lvl 30+ Master.

Romantic Moment: N/A

Fav. Char: Red Mage/Wizard.

Funniest Moment: “I, Garland, will knock you all down!”

Hm…this is a bit of a toughie. Okay…let me give this a try!

Final Fantasy VII
Favourite Moment: The Whole Ending SequenceEspecially when Cloud beats Sephiroth using Omnislash constantly and the Lifestream comes and protects the Planet

Worst Moment: When Yuffie steals your Materia, and you have to fight without Materia

Romantic Moment: When Cloud goes with Aerith/Tifa onto the gondola and Cloud and Tifa’s time together before the final battle

Favourite Character: Cloud, Aeris and Tifa

Saddest Moment: When Sephiroth kills Aerith by piercing a sword through her heart…sniff

Funniest Moment: When Cloud has to dress up as a girl in order to get into Don Corneo’s Mansion

I haven’t finished the others yet, so I’ll post some more here when I’ve finished them. (If this thread still exists…)

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Heh, to get 0 seconds on the Chocobo Race, you pick up these balloons along the way. Each balloon takes 3 seconds off of your total time.

And, I think I’ll partake in this thread. Looks like fun! Let’s do FFX, seeing as I just played it recently.

Favourite Moment: The Mt. Gagazet scene where Kimahri stood up against Biran and Yenke, the Home invasion, or the trial of Yevon.

Worst Moment: Powering up the Celestial Weapons, or hunting down 10 of each monster.

Romantic Scene: The Macalania Forest scene, no doubt.

Favourite Character: Either Kimahri, Seymour, Maechen or Auron.

Saddest Scene: Seeing Rikku crawling along the ground attempting to dodge lightning, or any scene where the Al Bhed are abused and/or not recognized for what they really are.

Final Fantasy VII
Favorite Moment: When Cait Sith bravely… sacrifices himself in the Temple of Ancients and one of my favorite pieces of music, Interrupted by Fireworks, plays…of course, he pops out unharmed later, but the moment is so emotional!

Worst Moment: When Cait Sith… reveals himself to be a traitor.

Romantic Moment: When Cloud goes on a… date with Tifa or Aeris.

Favorite Character: Cait Sith, duh

Saddest Moment: See favorite moment.

Funniest Moment: Spoiler: When Cloud… dates Yuffie at the Gold Saucer.

Yuffie: Say something!
Cloud: …something…

final fantasy I

favorite moment: “I Garland Will Knock You All Down”
Or chasing down those blue pirate like guys in the ocean for good exp

Worst moment: “I Garland will knock you all down”

romantic moment: Uh when you talk to the Princess after saving her?? Use your imagination people >_<

favorite character: Fighter and Black Mage

most sad moment: When I realized that Garland wasn’t so hard (my first RPG, I leveled for so long cuz I didn’t want to die fighting Garland.

Final Fantasy VII(NOT my favorite RPG, not even close.):

  1. Favorite Moment: Aeris’ Death/The Last battle(1 on 1 with Cloud vs Sephiroth)/Knights of the Round
  2. Worst Moment: Inside the crater/Cloud dating Barret…
  3. Saddest Moment: Loss of Rocket Town’s Rocket.
  4. Favorite Character:
    A.) Cid Highwind
    B.) Vincent Valentine
  5. Funniest Moment: If Cloud dates Yuffie at the Golden Saucer lololololololol.
    Final Fantasy VIII:
  6. Favorite Moment: When Quistis gets demoted(Yes, I’m a die hard Quistis hater)
  7. Worst Moment: Inside the Ragnarok for the first time with the ugly aliens inside…with only the flame blade or whatever that weapon was…
  8. Saddest Moment: Death Of Odin(DOO/D.O.O).
  9. Favorite Character: Laguna.
  10. Funniest Moment: Fight with Cerberus.(I found his dialogues funny…)
    Final Fantasy IX:
  11. Favorite Moment: When Zidane goes Super Saiyan!!! Uhh… I mean Trance and when he beats Kuja and Kuja’s on the ground and he tries to save him but can’t. Well basically the whole ending… It’s the best final fantasy ending ever…
  12. Worst Moment: Memoria…too hard, oh and Evil forest…
  13. Saddest Moment: Death of Garland.
  14. Favorite Characters: Zidane, Vivi, Amarant, Freya and Steiner. lol.
  15. Funniest Moment: When Zidane proves he is far stronger than Kuja(…I for one found it funny…)

Here are my Fav FFX moments…

Best Moment:Rescuing Yuna in Bevelle, Tidus being sucked into Sin.
Worst Moment: Seymour murdering the Ronso
Romantic Moment:Tidus and Yuna in Macalania Woods(aww)
Saddest Moment:The Ending, Auron being sent to the Farplane
Fav Character:Auron

FFVII Best Moments Spoiler: when a cloud & Zack run to stop Sephiroth and Cloud gets stabbed but still manages to grab his Masamune and throw him into the Mako stream. Sephiroth FMV in clouds home town, Sephiroth kills Aerith then comes the evil smile and the dialogue when Cloud says “Don’t you feel sad?” and Sephiroth replies “How can you feel pain, you have no heart. You’re just a puppet!”

FFVII worst moments spoiler: Aerith dies and you lose her final limit break the great gospel.

Romantic moment spoiler: When cloud speaks to Tifa in clouds home town in the past and makes a promise to protect her when she needs him.

Favourite character: Sephiroth