A ff3 Fairy Tale

I decided to write ther life of the Archmage Noah in a fairy tale format type. Unfortunately, since i don’t know exactly how to write like that, it ends up looking like a mix of history/ the hobbit/ and a fairy tale. post any comments, ect. corrections of mistakes i didn’t see and the like. this is only fist part, working on the second.

<p align=“center”><font size="+1"><b><u>The Archmage</u></font><br>
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<p align=“center”><b>The Birth of a Summoner</p></b>
<p>Long ago, in a world that is not remembered in this time, on the windy continent of Dalug, there was a village of highly skilled mages, and those with the gift of magic would come from everywhere to be taught in the little hamlet. Everyone born in the village was born with the gift of magic, and the little community thrived and researched the mystical force. How everyone was born with a magical gift of sorts is not completely known, but I would guess that the reason is the magic creatures called moogles who lived only in the mountains and forests by the village. Anyway, it came to pass that in the village there lived a woman mage who was very unhappy. She had lost her husband and had no child to console herself with, and was very depressed. So every night, she would sit by her window and weep for a child to the mountains beyond the horizon. However it came to pass that one morning she suddenly found herself with child, and was overjoyed. The rest of the village was quite overjoyed as well, for they had been trying quite hard to cheer her up in her distress, and threw a great celebration. Now, do not ask me how a lone woman could get pregnant as such, for I’m quite afraid I wouldn’t know. Some claim that it was the moogles taking pity upon her, and using their secret magic of nature to give her the child she wished for. Others would claim that it was a passing adventurer that caught her fancy for a night, or of an enchanted beast that forced himself upon her as she grieved in the forest, but I personally agree more with the first or second. Whatever the reason, in nine months time the child was born, and the people of the village were indeed shocked at the child, for the boy, indeed the child was a boy, was born with hair of green, and a horn protruding upon his brow. But the mother loved and cared for the child, even as the villagers puzzled about him. However, seeing that the mother loved the child, they gave the mater no more thought and gave another celebration to welcome the child in life. </p>
<p>The boy was named Noah, and he grew strong and healthy into a child. He was the village’s joy, for not only was he a splendid child raised by his mother, but also gifted with every magical gift to be identified in that time, and he learned his early spells fast and masterfully and had a good heart. Yet because of such good fortune, the other children were jealous of him and wished not befriend him. The village children would tease him often and with cruelty about his strange green hair and the horn that protruded from his head, which had grown with him. So often he would walk alone among the wilds around the village, and play with the moogles, which were his friends. It is worth mentioning at this point, that while moogles are intelligent, and can usually understand and speak human speech, that they rarely come in contact with humans. So when Noah would talk of playing with moogles, few among the villagers believed him. But not only would Noah talk of friendship with such a shy race, but also of understanding and talking to animals. Now though talking animals are not altogether rare and unknown, being able to communicate with ordinary animals was thought impossible by the mages of the village. Yet Noah continued to claim of time spent with many moogles and animals, until several of the village believed him to be a constant liar and much respect was lost for the young child. So friendless and no longer thought well of in society, Noah withdrew deeper and deeper into the wilderness when not taking lessons of magic, until he was independent enough to leave his loving mother to live completely in the wilderness. There he was content with a dry cave, very few possessions, and his friends the moogles and forest animals. </p>
<p>And so one day, while Noah was wandering about to gather his daily meal of berries, roots and small animals of no intelligence, he saw a large bird run past him. Indeed it seemed to be a giant chicken, and though the likes of it’s kind are not seen today, Noah recognized it as a Chocobo, and hurried after it, for it was tired and being pursued by a pack of evil wolves. The wolves soon encircled the Chocobo and its doom was eminent, when Noah cast his magic spells against the evil wolf pack. Noah burnt them with fire that lap from the air, froze them with shards of ice that shot from the ground, and fried them with lightning that leap from the sky making a somewhat unpleasant smell. For as I’ve said, Noah was gifted in every possible magic way known at the time, and even though he had not a spell orb to his name, he could cast magic without needing the mystical crystal orbs, and cast it quite well. </p>
<p>Soon the wolves were vanquished or fled, and Noah laid his hands upon the tired Chocobo to heal it of its weariness, and cuts and scrapes received in it’s flight, with his skilled magic. “Thank you very kindly young sir.” the large bird replied. </p>
<p>“It was no trouble at all to help an animal in need.” Replied Noah, wiping the sweat from his brow. Though skilled he was, he was no grand master of magic at this age, and such a furious barrage of spells would tire anyone out. </p>
<p>“I see you have the gift of the horn,” the Chocobo said, looking upon its rescuer. “Stories of old have only had rumors of your kind, able to talk to creatures beyond human understanding, friends to all animals. All creatures good have been waiting for your kind to be seen again upon the earth, to bring peace between beasts and humans. In my gratitude for your saving my life, I shall give you a call upon my spirit, so if you should ever need my help you may call upon me to aid you.” The Chocobo then did seem to glow for a moment and produce a spell orb of red upon the ground. “There are other creatures in this vast world that can also lend you aid, and you should search for them.” The Chocobo then sped off to it’s home in the deeper parts of the woods. </p>
<p>Noah was indeed surprised that he had another gift of magic that had been unknown to the mages of the village he came from. He had the gift of a summoner, able to summon spirits of animals and beasts of great strength to aid him. Heeding his new friend’s words, Noah left off on a quest to find other friends and beasts he could summon, and to help the world become better by his power. So came to be the Archmage Noah, the first summoner to grace the world in a very long time. Indeed he did travel far and gain more summoning friends, as well as become famous throughout the world for his good deeds and virtue. Yet he was still young for much of this, and a weakness of young men did come upon him in his travels. In many a village had he lain with a local girl who had been attracted to him, and nine months after he had departed, for he rarely stayed long in one place, a child with a horn upon it’s brow or green hair would be born, always with the gift of summoning. It later came to pass that these descendents formed a village dedicated to summoning, named Leprit, though that does not come into this story. </p>