A few good newbies.

I’m just a newbie looking for some other newbies to start an RPG production group…club…company…yeah. I’m thinkin long term. I’m also looking for some real experts to help with some basics of group game-making. (I really have no idea what i’m doing in this aspect of RPG making.(Like I said, I’m a newbie. :hahaha; ))

There’s nothing I’d like more than to be part of a group that’s destined to fail from the beginning due to lack of organization, enthusiasm, and leadership :slight_smile:

Except maybe getting dissected and pickled alive by aliens :slight_smile:

<a href=“http://shyguy.laughy.net/RM2K3.htm”>Eat your heart out</a>

<a href=“http://www.fullsail.com/index.cfm/fa/degree.overview/dp_id/9/Game_Design_And_Development”>Or in case you’re actually serious and have money to spend</a>

<a href=“http://www.fullsail.com/index.cfm/fa/degree.overview/dp_id/10/Entertainment_Business”>In which case this might help as well</a>

Thanks for all the help. Your posts have profoundly affected my life in ways you cannot imagine.

Nobody got the reference to Bloom County in my last post :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, research independently first. It’s a bad idea to call for a group without knowing anything about the subject.

What the hell is Bloom County. >.>;;

That’s probably because Bloom County is Gen X material from way before your time, Cless =P

Well, Bloom County is back, sorta. So, Cless is kinda right. I mean, there’ve been, what, three comic strips by Berkeley Breathed with the same cast of characters, so they’re all called Bloom County for simplicity’s sake.

Hey, just because I wasn’t THERE doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the comic strips :stuck_out_tongue:

Why can only noobs do this? Thats racist! and do you think your company would ever get off the ground? you’re 15 years old.

I used to have a bloom county signature…

i loved bloom county.

i have all the books from the original comic. :moogle:

I can only remember Bill the cat and Opus from Bloom County. Nothing of the comic.

can i refresh your memory?

please please please?

:moogle: your pathetic.

look whos talking.

If you build it… they will come.


All n00bs must kiss my ass.

How are you going to kiss your own ass?