A drawing.... please critque.

This is my first try at drawing anything really so don’t laugh…

you might have to refresh it acouple of times to get the link to work, my server is screwed up.

Ok… where is it?

Her nose is too pointed, and I couldn’t help but notice that she has no lips, just a mouth. And there’s somethign about her swordarm, I don’t know…

Val already pointed out what I was going to…

Good first try, though.

looks good… I’d add some lips and maybe shorten the right arm a little bit… other than that, looks great still jealous because his drawings suck

It’s okay. What Zhou Yu, and Val, said are your only really probelms.

But it is still better than anything I could ever do, without tracing that is.

Nice job. Everyone’s already pointed out what could use some brushing up to.

Great first try! I know you could do better than me. (I’m not a good artist.)

Like everyone has said this was a good job for you first time, and like other people much better than I could ever do without tracing.

…Emrys, eh? o_o;;
That’s exactely how I called my bounty- hunter… XD
Anyways, I like the pic, especially the hair.
It would need some proportion though, aside from that it’s fine.

Nice details! The right arm’s too long and the mouth could use some work, but good job.

Nice, by far better than what I can do

I think the problem is perspective. It looks flat, twodimensional. Like, you can’t tell that her right arm should be “farther away” from us than her left arm (since she’s standing with us to her left).

BUT, that is a VERY common problem for starting artists. It’s very easy to solve; check some pictures with perspectives and practice drawing them.

What I really like are the details; nice design, ESPECIALLY the dragon in the shield!

Keep working at it, and you’ll be great! (NOT empty praise.)

thanx! I’ll rework it and stuff…