A different form colour poll

I was just wondering how many people got the references in the colour options, like raised to hate orange (which I don’t know if I would have figured out if it hadn’t been explained) or Soylent Green (which I refuse to use because it’s made from PEOPLE!!!!), etc.
The only one I don’t get is that ‘the 984 purple’ one. I mean, what’s that supposed to be ;).

The 984 purple is the official colors of the 984. He also has a purple Megaman sprite somewhere.

I was joking. It wasn’t very funny. Sorry about that.


The full name is 984 Purple (Just Because He Can). I named it that because a) they’re the The 984 colors and b) I just could. I’m given rather free control over forum styles, so I made one all about me “just because I can.”

RPBC Blue better be self evident.

Tombstone Gray has no reference other than it’s gray like a tombstone.

Soylent Green is Soylent Green.

Carnage Red is named after the supervillain Carnage.

Yellow Dog Democrat is an old term refering to those Southerners that would vote for a yellow dog listed as a Democrat before they would vote for a Republican.

Tutti Fruity is named that way for some reason I can’t remember.

Raised to Hate Orange refers to UGA. Four of our rivals are orange (Florida, Tennessee, Clemson, and Auburn). As such, there are many shirts floating around Athens that say stuff like “Raised to Hate Orange.”

Yeah. I figured carnage was the symbiot, but I wasn’t sure. I knew all the others, except maybe Raised to Hate Oragne…

I thought Tutti Fruity was supposed to be part of a joke project that never got off the ground.

Well, Tutti Fruity was originally going to be only forum style available last April 1st, but eh. It’s definitely not a serious style though.

I had that on for a day, and I started to go fucking blind.

:smiley: Well, what about ‘vBulletin3 default’? What’s that one supposed to mean? I don’t understand what it refers to.

(Okay, from what I know about all of you, I’d better make this as clear as I can)

That was sarcasm!

Clear enough for you? Or do I need to add curse words to it?

(Yes, I’d say I’m getting used to RPGCA, knowing to expect this)

vBulletin 3 Default refers to the fact that it is the vBVulletin 3 Default style before you change anything. Well, aside from one minor pixel change I applied to it, it’s the same.

Wasn’t the Tutti Fruiti style referring to Johnny B. Badd?

I thought Tutti Fruity had to do with the Tutti Fruity Uriel alert thing…0-0

The Uriel alert scale was based off of the forum styles, with the joke being I was gonna make the current alert status the only availabe style (that too didn’t pan out).

I still believe my reference is better.

That would be awesome!