A decent Gilgamesh fan-arrangement? What?

'cause I know a few of ya’ll are irate how there’s not many good arrangements on “Big Bridge.”


Download “Boss Key.”

It’s not “THE BEST” out there, and it is tied into some of the other boss themes, but it’s still pretty damn nice, imo. I’d go as far as saying it’s a little bit more extreme than the Gilgamesh segment in Luiza’s “Fire Cross” from about a year back.

On a side note, I think it’s gonna be a fight between “I’d Tap That” and “Your Table Is Ready, Mr. Belmont” this month.

That was better than most, but anything short of SSH isn’t good enough at this point. I want actual shredding, the likes of <a href=“http://ssh.ne.jp/mp3/top_fots.zip”>this.</a>

I love DoD but I don’t check it often because they don’t update enough :frowning:

“Manning Up” is awesome, except for the random voices everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, monthly updates make my ears itch for more. vgmix.com usually tides me over until then. Gotta get my dosages of norg, Paragon, the prophet of mephisto, tepid, Snappleman, etc. There’s a guy by the name of “ilp0” that does some REALLY unique shit. If you can, try and find “Lake in Ontario?” and “Fire Within.”

I wish I had a decent working mic on hand; I’d try and make something…

Yeah, your table is ready ftw

You should get “Scourge of 1691” and “Trevor’s Reflection” if you like CV. Both of those songs are by Goat

I dunno, I liked the Black Mages version. 8-(
No chance to listen to this yet, maybe later.

BM wasn’t bad but I hated their synth section. I’d like a synthless BM Gilgamesh. This version isn’t bad, though its still not the ideal Gilgamesh I have imagined. I don’t like the exdeath components to this track. I agree that the PW track isn’t bad. The guy should’ve used a different guitar or whatever is responsible for the extra noise from his guitar. Mr Belmont is very good and will probably win over it even if it is a pretty conservative mix.

If you really like goat , you should check out goat’s site. He has all his mixes there and a really awesome clocktower remix.

On a non-metal note, we need more work from Dan Hsu. Dhsu is fucking amazing.

Hopefully they’ll never do another 2D shooter month. Urgh -_-.

DoD is really great. You consistently get some interesting stuff out of it; I like the fact that its every month.

Scourge is awesome. It’s even notable that it beat one of virt’s tunes.


Speaking of which, I hope virt releases some stuff soon. Nothing new on the site for a while, but he’s been busy as hell lately so I heard. “Staring At My Spaceship” is too awesome for words.

A Clockwork Vampire <3

His Koopa Kefka mix is also amazing as is his Mallow sad remix. I’m a bit less enthusiastic about his FF7 mix, but its not bad. I blame the source material.

Wow. Surprising results this month!


“Hot Pink” is really well done, but it just didn’t grab my attention like some of the others. Ah well. I thought norg had done the DW3 song and Ryan8bit “Boss Key”; that really threw me for a loop.

But I am pumped for FREE MONTH!!! There’s usually a ton of good entires then.

-Avid & Rabid dod fan

I hadn’t seriously checked out vgmix (had visited a few times when they had server problems). There’s some good stuff there.