A cure for spousal abuse?

Clickie Clickie

So much fun. XD;


You violent, violent man. This is fun. XD

I find myself adding batman-esk sound effects. >.>;

You can pull her between different orbs, sometimes she get’s stuck. <.<;


giggle I’m not one for violence… but this shit is fun

Kinda like the ever popular <a href=“http://jet.ro/dismount/”>Dismount</a> games :open_mouth:

Eden, I love you.

Thanks, now i have somthing to take my anger out on. Well, im off to try to hit this lady up and down, lol VIOLENCE!!!

I feel sorry for future women you come in contact with.

… and Australia’s like, dubya tee eff, mate.

If only it had a score for how much damage was taken.

Ooh! Ooh!
This reminds me of a game I played a while ago at a mate’s place… I can’t remember the name though sorry!

You’d set up either 1 or 2 lines of small jumps for the truck, and could align them however. Then you’d position a stick figure dude on the front, or in the truck, and start it rolling! It makes the parts, of the guy that you mash below your truck, glow red, and constantly ups your points until he stops rolling… fun!

  • I always loved this game!


This is so sick and wrong…

I don’t know why it’s so much fun. :smiley:

EDIT: Try it with some battle theme. it’s so much funnier. XD (I used the Mortal Kombat theme)

I can’t get her bouncing for more than 50 seconds =\

That was called Truck Dismount, Steve linked to it earlier.
And yes, it is awesome.

Grab her with the mouse and pull her out of whatever spot you’ve got her trapped in.


Fun. At some point, the figure stopped, and looked like it was humping the bubbles. ^^;;

<img src=“http://users.tpg.com.au/adslad59/jeson/wtf.jpg”>

It seems kinda pointless to me. I keep imagining ‘Boing’ sounds whenever she hits a bubble.

I keep imagining the injuries she’s getting from hitting them.