A couple of peices of crap I made

to help with the guest comicing, and or, future comics.

Pieces of crap, nothing. That’s pretty cool.

Those are really nice, Charemagne…the ones with the starry skies are pretty. ^^

Yeah, I gotta hand it to ya, I’ll probably use them myself >_>

So what did you use to add those effects anyway?

The lake one I just used a sponge type tool to make different shades of sand. Then I used a airbrush, and made several layers of that, to make it look like it got deeper. Then I copy and pasted the mountains, flipped them, made them like 30% transparent, then I used the Render > Ocean Ripple tool thingy.

The clouds, I just rendered clouds, distorted it so it got smaller at the bottom, then I smudged it, so it looks like the clouds are far away.

the stars, I just copied the stars from the Tifa Wallpaper, one of them I skewd so it looks like they get far away, but the other I didnt. But I think I made the land too blue. I’m gonna fix that.

Also, the cloud one you can add a sprite or two on it, then you add a layer of rain, like this.

Pretty basic photoshoppery.

I don’t use Photoshop, eats up the memory on my machine like candy. I use Paint Shop Pro

Now we can finally have comics featuring Spoony Bard’s nightly adventures. I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Hey, if they involve you Nul, I’m all for it >> << runs