A coupel of games I've gotten into...

They dont’ relaly take long to play (Cept maybe Black Nova Traders, if you’re really into details.)

http://www.playbypost.com/logd/ (Legend of the Green Dragon, Look for StarStormCat)

http://www.playbypost.com/bnt/ (Black Nova Traders, can take a while but it is kinda fun. It’ll only take long if you seriously Micromanage. My name there is Spazzy Cat, and I have an Alliance up “Coalition of the RPGC”, mainly coz I’m bored and wanted to check something out. My home Sector is 1981, DO NOT come there unles syou’er either itching for a fight, ready to pay out cash, or are a part of the Coalition. I’m also on my way to colonizing and taking 1852, 1980, 2000 and 2079)

Mayeb I’ll see you all there. The game sare kinda fun.

Green Dragon ROCKS!

Heh, so far I’ve killed some giant spiders, one crasy chihuahua that attacked with fastfood craving, two rude students, one undead oarman with a rotten oar and a baby unicorn (but I felt like a really big jerk for killing something that beatiful).
And the only skill I’ve got so far: Insult.
I call the enemy a bad name to make him cry :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest everyone try this game :smiley: