A Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

Entertaining AND educational. Yakko Warner would be proud.

Wow! Was this made for Youtube? Because it looks too good!

He has an album so he gets SOME money.

I would have remembered much more in history class if it was like this.

Where’s that poster who used to be obsessed with Russian / Soviet era stuff

I was never good at history myself… but yeah, when you’re presented with something like this… you’re bound to remember it! xD Great video GG Crono, Cheers!

I could not judge this project for its artistic merit, but I find the title somewhat misleading. There are some chronological bublik holes that should be filled here. The nukes and the Cold war were mentioned in the time slot between the “Man of Steel” reign and Gorby’s power stint, but what about the top honchos of that period?
Nikita “We will bury you!” Khrushchev, the Soviet boss at the height of the crisis (hello Cuba), deserves a notch on the time scale. Then, of course, the favorite target of Soviet jokes, the leader responsible for transforming the “breadbasket of Europe” into an industrial and agricultural basket case, and enriching homo sovieticus political lexicon with terms like detant/razriadka, L.I.Brezhniev should not be omitted from the illustrious group (the background music could be played here in adagio tempo).

I would like to point out another (slight) inaccuracy depicted here – the infamous “bread lines”. In post-Khrushchev era USSR became a major importer of grain, and bread production was one of the rare industries capable to satisfy the demand of populace.

As for other items of consumption, a typical Soviet citizen visiting large-surface store for the first time beyond the borders of the “Unbreakable Union of freeborn Republics, Great Russia has welded forever to stand”, would react just like Vladimir Ivanoff (great performance by Robin Williams, btw):