A Change in Leadership

Apparently the prime minister of Canada has stepped down and given way to a new and much more conservative replacement.

Anbody privvy to Canadian politics wanna share some insight?

Uh he didn’t exactly step down on his own accord… it was an election day today. And yeah convservatives got the majority of votes. I don’t follow politics so that’s all I know, well that and I voted NDP.

Basically, in early December, the Liberal party was found to have been “improperly” balancing their books, and as a result, cheating money. Vote cast, new election. TheLiberal government was kind of fucked over for being crooks, so they couldn’t get the seats needed to be the highest party. However, they did manage to get enough (along with the NDP and Bloc Quebecois) to keep Conservatives out of a majority government. So now we basically ahve a prime minister who’s somewhat warhappy, wants to give all sorts of money back to people (I think it magically comes out of his ass or something), and overall fuck up the country’s international standing, and it’s economy. Thankfully he can’t do anything easily, he has to get at least one other party to yay along his proposals (If he got majority seat, it’s basically, party says, it happens).

And Gila, Conservatives got the largest amount of seats. Vote-wise, they were only a bit above Liberals. It’s seats that count though.

It’s a minority government, so the NDP and Liberals can still potentially block Conservative legislation provided that the BQ doesn’t side with the Tories as well. Also, a lot of the judges and senators are former liberals (but the judges are generally non-partisan, and one of the reasons Harper didn’t win majority may be because he attacked them implying that they were biased), so there is a balance of power even with a Conservative Prime Minister.

The NDP did get a much higher number of seats in the parliament compared to last year though. Layton’s pretty damn good at bringing a small party up. The Bloq really lost momentum, esp. since the high Liberal turnout in Quebec of 2000 (I think it was 2000). I remember years ago when the BQ seat count would be like in the high seventies.

Edit: NDP won in my riding!

Yeah, I think Sorc is combining two different issues on the election.

  1. Conservatives won the minority government and
  2. Martin stepped down as leader of the Liberal party.

Either way, I can be happy because no minority party has lead for long in Canada, so there’ll hopefully be a re-election soon.

In about 2 years probably.

Way to beat me to the punch on my edit. >:(

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doom dooooom doom

My riding was won by NPD too, yay my vote counts <3

I am very upset. =\


wait a minute, you guys call districts “ridings”?

what a country.

We also call our president “prime minister” and our Starbucks “Tim Horton’s”.

What a crazy land eh?

…Ballsack? :noway: The hell?

So now we basically ahve a prime minister who’s somewhat warhappy,

You mean because he wants to actually have an army, and to actually join with the US to have a missile defence system? I personally think that’s a better idea than Canada’s current defense policy, which is “if we’re nice enough to people no one will attack us”. Look where that got France.

wants to give all sorts of money back to people (I think it magically comes out of his ass or something)

You do know our country has a twelve billion dollar surplus, right?

and overall fuck up the country’s international standing, and it’s economy.

Yes, that’s the platform he campaigned on, and won by. “We will screw up our country’s economy and international standing! Vote for us!” Absolutely.

One thing I’ve noticed that tends to happen (perhaps it’s my bias, but I see this a lot from more liberal voters) is to assume that anyone who votes the other party must have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, they were fooled, they were tricked, they’re stupid. It never enters their minds that maybe people have found out about the issues themselves and yet, somehow, actually agree with the party they vote for. It’s demeaning to say that the majority of the country voted to “screw up their country”.

Conservatives rule. 'nuf said. The seat for my area might be made to minister of Agriculture if rumors can be trusted.

Holy crap! How much do you guys pay in taxes?

The US spends money like it is going out of style. Deficit, baby. Thats how we roll. I don’t think I’ve even heard America and surplus in the same sentence before.

Its like the US is a thug on the corner. His credit is ruined from previous schemes. He’s in all kinds of debt, but he’s never going to pay it off. He just stands on the corner, getting his paper(oil) any way he can. If you’re not in his crew, you’re an enemy. And if you look at him the wrong way, he’ll blast your ass.

While I don’t agree with some of the more frantic anti-conservatives that are spouting doom and gloom now that Harper is PM, I’m still a bit uneasy myself.

I don’t think he’ll run the country into the ground or anything, but his abilities as a leader have never really made a strong impression on me, I’ve always been hoping the Conservatives would dump him and put someone who came off as a bit more competant in the head of the party.

My big concern, as a resident of eastern Canada, and more specifically Newfoundland, is that Harper will shower most of his attention on western Canada, particularly Alberta which really doesn’t NEED a lot of help right now. Of course, I know that the same could be said about the Liberals and eastern Canada, but to be fair, western Canada is a bit more economically well-off than eastern, particularly Newfoundland. Harper could totally fuck us over if he wanted, and considering that we voted mostly liberal (4 out of, what, 7 seats?) and that we’re relatively insignificant, we could be in big trouble. Of course, I plan on moving out of here as soon as it’s feasible for me, but I have a lot of family here and I’m worried about what a long-term federal conservative party would mean for the province as a whole.

Though, to be honest, I really don’t think the Conservatives will be in power anywhere near as long as the Liberals were. I highly doubt they’ll even form a majority in the time they’re in power. They won mostly due to the fallout of the Gomery Report, and that many Canadians felt it was time for a change (Plus Harper really made an effort to shake off the pro-American image which helped sink him last time). But, with Martin stepping down, this is a good chance for the Liberal party to air out the closet, as it were, and appoint some new leadership (particularly one with no connection to the scandal, if possible). I still see Canada, as a whole, as being left-of-center (though I hate using the political spectrum to make comparisons) and if the Liberals can clean themselves up, do a good job as the opposition for awhile, then they’ll have a good shot at taking back the government.

And, of course, it’ll all depend on what Harper actually DOES while he’s in power. If a controversy will break out, how long will it take? I can understand that it’s not as bad as a lot of anti-Harper people are saying, I don’t think he’s going to institute a draft and send us all to Iraq or whatever some of the more fanatical people are predicting. But as I understand it, a lot of his ideas are pretty unpopular, and it may not take long for him to slip up.

That’s a pretty accurate assessment of the situation. Still, we haven’t really given Harper a chance to lead yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Holy crap! How much do you guys pay in taxes?

There’s 15% tax on every single thing we buy in stores, topped up with 20% to 50% income tax depending on your tax bracket.

Quick Lesson in Canadian Taxes!!

  1. The General Sales Tax on all provinces and territories is 7%. This money goes to the federal government.

  2. Each province also issues it’s own Provincial Sales Tax. Big Rich Alberta has no PST due to their money hogging with all that oil revenue. PST sits between 7 and 8% for most of canada, the high being 10 in Prince Edward Island I think.

  3. We also have quite a bit of income tax. 40% of Tax money comes from income tax. It increases in percentage as your salary increases. So while somebody making $100,000 / year nets about $60,000, somebody making $80,000 nets about $50,000, and somebody making $60,000 nets about $45,000. Kind of a bitch, because you don’t get that much more net for a higher paying job.

  4. If we win the lottery, we get it all! No sharing with the government :smiley: (The one good thing).

Overall though, I remember reading some number crunching, and with what Harper wants to do with the canadian military, and tax cuts, our current surplus won’t cut it, and we’ll go into debt within a few years.

We both know that a lot of what he promised isn’t going to happen, especially considering that the Liberals and NDP would try and block a lot of things. It’d take every one of his promises together to overwhelm the surplus.

Election promises aren’t really meant as a complete budget, but as an indication of their priorities. Obviously once they get into power and take a closer look at the books, they’ll have to reconsider some things.

Edit: My comments later