A book quasi-outline I have

I actually intend to write and publish this. Hopefully it will be good enough to at least publish…

Star Team Adventures (STA)
STA is still as it is for lack of a better eccentric name.

Ryoto: A War Mage, which is a warrior that can imbue his own weapons with magic even in the midst of battle. He is 6’3" and has two spears. Wears hevay armor.

Jeri: Ryoto’s sister. Wonder Mage. Uses magic primarily and weapons seconarily. Is ambidextrious enough to use a bow/arrow and a shield at the same time. 5’7" with light armor.

Tuliver: Ryoto/Jeri’s cousin. A swordmaster. (ambidexterity seems to run in the family.) Specializes in killing strokes. An elven 6’11" warrior with no armor, so as to be quicker. No shield.

<insert name here> Mother of Ryoto/Jeri. A Green Mage, able to manipulate anything natural (plants, trees, fungi, etc) and able to transform into anything natural for a time. Only a crystal dagger and no armor or weapons. 5’3".

The story is like this:

Ryoto and Jeri wake up one morning in their tiny hut in Obsidian Country to find their parents missing and most of the the hut destroyed around them. Following a rumor, they follow the king of Obsidian across the world, with repeated encounters and frequent battles with creatures from another world. Eventually they find their mother, <insert name here> and thier cousin Tuliver. They take the king of Obsidian, aka Lapis, into a new world and crush the creatures attacking their world.

The plotline, characters and all, is still in production.