A birthday gift

I got FF1+2 GBA for my bday (YAY!) which was esp thoughtful since I’ve been wanting it since it came out and FF1 IS the first RPG I actually completed on my own (4 fighters <.<). I like the game. I just stared FF1 and I have 15k in gil and my chars are level 15 in under 1 hour. I think I know how to abuse the system a little too well. I like the way they delineated the classes. I took a fighter, black belt, wm and bm. The BM rains firey hell on zombie minotaurs, the fighter isn’t as strong as the black belt (he’s a fucking beast), but he’s a lot better than the bb for taking hits. Really, the fighter’s a fucking hp sponge. The wm is strangely butch. I haven’t been in the marsh cave yet, I feel slightly overpowered, but I felt compeled due to ElfLAND’s inflanted prices. And I can’t believe they removed the Silver Sword. Bah. Will a hard mode open up after I complete the game? I’m looking forward to playing FF2. I kinda like that the game is a little easy, if only because of the save ability, because I want to experiment more with characters and if the game doesn’t make me just sit around and gain levels a whole fucking lot, it won’t be as tedious to see different combos in action.


Is this basically the same game as the PSX remake?

they tacked some extra stuff on the end of both games, and jacked the hp of most of the ff1 bosses.

It’s different then the PSX version as there’s no choice for a difficulity, it’s just set on probably easy, and no hard mode is unlocked. That and the extra dungenons and mp system.

They didn’t. Did you ever notice the gear of Elfland was surprisingly BETTER than dwarfland or whatever that place is called? It’s because the silver equipment was supposed to be in the dwarven lands (it makes sense, y’gotta mine silver).

Besides, you became a beast if you actually bothered to buy that weapon that early in the game.

That would make sense. And I ALWAYS got the silver sword. Its one of my rules to playing FF1. Well I went and found no silver swords, then checked some FAQs and could not find any trace of silver other than silver armlets and dragons. Bwar.

There are some significant differences:
-You have MP and Magic Levels (determine what spells you can learn, not just what you can use, instead of a certain amount of casts per magic level)
-You level much faster.
-Only one difficulty
-Some different names
-Extra dungeons
-Level 99 cap
-The true difficulty comes in doing the extra dungeons

The FFO is basically the FF1 we know with better graphics and mroe story. The GBA version is easier, ha extras, and is more modern (such as it has items from later FFs that weren’t in the original or origins).

FF2 has some differences too, most notebly the extras and the way you level. Instead of having to do things a hundred times to level them, you jut have to use them a couple of times.

And as I mentioned a few months ago, you can battle a bunch of bosses from FF3-6 in FF1, and you can play an extra mini-quest starring the 4 “dead” team members in FF2.

I’m sorry Dalton but I don’t remember that post. Do you have a link or would you mind giving me the gist of what you mean?



I’m sure you noticed the new shrine just south of the Temple of Chaos? That’s one of the entrances to the hidden dungeon with the bosses.

As for FF2, I don’t remember posting about it, but once you complete the game, there’s an extra quest where you play as the four “fallen” characters who temporarily joined your team during the course of the game. A familiar character from another FF makes an appearance at the end of this, but I’ll leave that for you to discover.

Does Garland still want to knock you all down?

Yep, they put that line back in the game, just for the fans. 8)

Indeed he does Pierson. I really don’t get why its that much easier. Its a little easier but I would say the only big difference is that I don’t waste an entire afternoon (at least) killing shit around Elfland (heim now). Everything else really is as easy as it used to be, at least for me.

edit : as a note the fiends are tougher . I like. At least, Lich is.