9/11 Investigation with NSA

Did anyone else see this or at least parts fo it? OH MY GOD! How fucking stupid can they be? In a briefing called “Bin Laden determined to attack inside America” a month before the attack, she said that they didn’t know about the attacks. She also said that the Clinton administation only left them “actionable items”, btu no plan to dela with bin Laden. Fuck! She also said that they were told about the cells, but not what to do with them. Gee…maybe because it is your job to come up with the plan and act on it? Oh ym God I got pissed watching it. I would hear something and I’d have to ask my mom and my brother if I heard her right since I couldn’t believe what she was saying. From there it all went down hill. The investigators would ask her a question adn she’d give a long answer. They’d tell her to jsut answer the question and she’d still give a bunch of useless and hurtful information. It was scary seeing it since they are incharge of our security.

Considering Clinton tried to kill Bin Laden more than once, I wouldn’t say that he was doing nothing about him…

Which is why Rice’s saying that they were given no plan is stupid. We had mroe than enough information that they ignored.

Ain’t it great?
Struggeling officials are so fun to watch!

Well, it clears up your quwestion abotu bin Laden attacking, doesn’t it Nulani?

I hope that many people saw this and don’t support Bush because of it.

I heard of this on the Daily Show.