8-Bit Theatre

can someone post me a link to it that doesn’t go thru newgrounds? Thanks.


Thank you Xelo :cool:

You’re my worst enemy.

Your mom is my worst enemy in bed.

Your dad is.

K, the “No, my worst enemy” jokes are getting thin very quickly, along with the “No, your <insert relative’s relation here> is! OHHHHHHH!111111111111one” makes it even worse… Dammit, it’s annoying.

And 8BT kicks ASS.

Your boobs are my worst enemy, Cala.

Yet they’re so lavable.

Oh, and I don’t like those shockwaves.

8BT’s okay, but I still think there are better comics out there. Captain SNES is a good example.

Captain SNES r0xx0rz.

Some other good ones that I love:

Kidd Radd, Something Positive, El Goonish Shive, and, of course, who coould forget Bob and George.

I am unfamiliar with this Captain SNES you speak off.

Gets out a knive and stabs you all




8BT is great…i like CaptainSNES too…

<.< >.> i cant make up my mind…im going to get hit by a bus if i stay in the middle of the road like this



8BT is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The last time I laughed so hard was when the backwards Hamlet scene in “The Complete Works of Shakespeare [abridged]”.