8-Bit theatre fans rejoice

WARNING: I’m not quite sure if its a penis or a thumb they show for about 2 seconds.



You don’t have permission to access the page at http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs6/f/2005/022/3/9/8bit5.swf.



Best shiat ever.

That was fucking horrid. It took a total of 10 seconds to close that window.

Ah yes, this thing again. Still fails to make me laugh.

It was horrible when I saw it 3 months ago.

Go away and pick up sticks, Charlemagne!

iIt’s worse than that lemon that StarStorm sent me… and that is rated “Are you trying to kill him?”



What the hell was that all about? O_o

I think that was the most stupid thing I’ve seen for a while…

(And as a regular 4-chan lurker I can say that the odds of that picture being a thumb is pretty small…)

Every day is reposte day!